Ladies’ Bags for your upcoming Chinese New Year Gatherings

The Satchel is an amazingly looking ladies handbag that would look extremely well in the festive of the Chinese new year.

Chinese new year is a year of grace and welcoming of their new year. Chinese new year doesn’t start like the traditional new year, ending on 31st December and starting on 1st January, rather they start on different dates every year, this year it starts on 12th February. If you’re a lady and looking for a ladies handbag, look no further, you’re at the right place.

Interestingly, the Chinese new year isn’t celebrated for a day, again like the normal tradition we have, and instead, the Chinese new year is celebrated for a whole week, seven whole days. This makes you realise that they indeed cherish the starting of a new year and say goodbye to the ending one. It indeed is something that they get pleased about and get excited about. And with the hectic and painful pandemic, the Chinese really need the seven days holiday to forget the past and look forward to something new and amazing. A world that they make better contribute to it and make it a happier place than it was before.

The whole of China comes together and celebrates this festival together. It is indeed something to rejoice about and indeed something to have fun about. 

Ladies Handbags-

So, with all that being said, and giving you an idea how important this time is for the Chinese, you must be wanting to look good, and if you’re a woman or a lady and are looking for a nice bag, we got you.

Let us make you delve into the different kinds of ladies handbags that would look good on you and would love. Let’s get started-

1. The Tote Ladies Handbag-

The tote ladies bag isn’t essentially a handbag that could make you look really good, but it is something that is a must-have for every woman in this world.
A woman can not live without having this bag as it’s extremely useful to carry around, with ample space to fit anything you have, whatever the quantity.

It is also called “the shoppers’ bag”. You can get the idea of why it’s called the shoppers’ bag, because of its versatility of fitting anything.

2. The Satchel-

This is a bag that is adored by both men and women alike. You might have seen it, maybe across the internet or with someone and I’m sure you must have adored it the first instance you saw it. The Satchel is an amazingly looking ladies handbag that would look extremely well in the festive of the Chinese new year.

They typically have a flat bottom and a rectangular shape and crossbody strap. You’d be amazed to know that the Satchel handbag is one of the favourite small bagsof David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham.

3. The Saddle Ladies Handbag-

Well, you guessed it right, it’s the same saddle that’s used on Horses and that’s exactly where it got its name.

The Saddle was used by horsewomen to carry important items and used to be attached to the horse’s saddle for quick accessibility. The design of this bag hasn’t changed much. You can say it’s still the same, but it has proved popular among fashion enthusiasts.
You would regularly see these bags on the fashion walks, worn by the models.

4. The Frame Bag-

This is a bag that has a vintage touch to it. It’s something that you would cherish, and it is something that would be resonant with the purses that maybe your mother used, if not her, then definitely your grandmother because the design of this bag is really old and that’s why it gives a vintage look.

Its design features a rectangular or a trapezoid frame, a metal frame, and a kissing lock feature. The kiss-lock feature is the two metal books at the beginning of the metal frame that is used to lock the handbag.

If you want to look classy, this is your bag.

5. The Baguette Bag-

The Baguette ladies handbag was introduced in the 90s, in ‘97 to be specific, and it has been popular ever since. The television hit, Sex and the City featured this bag several times, and now the bag is being linked with it as the Sex and the City bag. It is too small to carry large items, but it can carry the essentials.

6. The Clutch-

How can one forget the Clutch bag? The article wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning the Clutch.
This small bag has no doubt been in everyone’s life, and every woman, lady or a girl has acquired the clutch bag because of its classy touch, it has small space which is enough to carry all the essentials, and it can be carried anywhere around.
The clutch handbag is usually worn with something of a classical dress, like for example going to an event or a wedding. I’m sure you’d be wanting to get this one for your Chinese new year dinners.

7. The Minaudière-

The Minaudière is a variation of the clutch but with some different and distinct features. It is specifically designed to be taken with formal events. They are usually structured with beads or crystals, along with the edges of the small handbag, giving it an extra alluring look.


The Chinese new year is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. I’m sure you know why there’s the name Spring Festival (because obviously, it’s in the Spring).

We gathered some of the ladies bags that you’d love to get either for your Chinese new year or for anything else. There are some varieties of handbags, but these are some that look amazing with every dress or get-up you have, so it was essential to pick some bags that would look amazing on you.
I hope you have an amazing Chinese new year. Stay safe and Thank you 🙂