Know More About The Types Of Perfume Oils

Know More About The Types Of Perfume Oils

Perfumes have always played an important role in enhancing the aroma by their pleasant and mesmerizing fragrances. Smell is one of the most prominent senses and it has a great impact on our mood. For instance, have you realized how relaxed you feel when you enter a spa room that has rose petals on the floor and a scented candle at the corner? It’s the fragrance and aroma that makes you feel relaxed. You start taking deep breaths to feel the aroma to its fullest. All your stress and anxiety just vanishes away. This is the magic of aroma.

This is why perfumes are so much loved by several people around the globe. Perfumes which are made by using alcohol as a base fade away with the time. However, those which are made using Niche Oils as a base are long lasting and they emit strong fragrance throughout the day. Not only in perfumes, but the perfume oils are also widely used in lotions, bath gels and for aromatherapy.

If we try to categorise them broadly then we can have following categories:

  • Natural perfume oils – these are extracted or distilled directly from the plants or flowers.
  • Synthetic perfume oils – these are made synthetically in the laboratories.

Perfumes have mainly three ingredients viz. Fragrance ingredients, perfume oil and a carrier. Most of the time, denatured ethyl alcohol is used as the carrier. And, based on the concentration of oil, Niche Perfumes can be classified into three categories:

  • Perfume – it has 22% oil
  • Eau de Toilette – it has 8 to 15% oil
  • Eau de Cologne – it has 2 to 5% oil

Below are the types of perfume oils based on their source:

Bay leaf perfume oil – This fragrance is mostly considered for men. It is derived from leaves of the West Indies tree. The aroma is slightly bitter and spicy.

Amaryllis perfume oil – This Premium Perfume Oil is extracted from Amaryllis plant and is mostly used with rose and neroli.

Cedarwood perfume oil – This fragrance is mostly used by men. It is extracted from Cedar trees found in North America. It acts as a base for various fragrances of men’s colognes.

Bergamot perfume oil – This oil is distilled from Bergamot orange when it is almost ripened. It gives a tangy and slightly citrus fragrance and is widely used in various colognes and perfumes.

Citronella perfume oil – This oil is extracted from a certain grass mostly found in Sri Lanka. It gives a woody, warm and sweet odour.

Clove perfume oil – Clove is a very common herb that is used in every household. This perfume oil extracted from clove has the same spicy and a bit sweet fragrance as the clove itself.

Gardenia perfume oil – This is one of the very strong fragrances and is therefore used in combination with other oils having soft fragrance. Being too strong and appealing this fragrance is very common ingredient of colognes and perfumes.

Galbanum perfume oil – It is gum resin. And, it is very rich in aromatic oil. The perfume oil extracted from this resin offers a soothing fragrance.

Ginger perfume oil – This perfume oil is extracted from Ginger and therefore has a very spicy and warm fragrance. It is used in a wide range of combinations.

Jasmine perfume oil – This is the very popular and the most preferred perfume oil. It is mainly used in colognes for women. It has soothing and pleasant fragrance.

Lavender perfume oil – This perfume oil is preferred by a large number of people owing to its pleasant fragrance. Due their soothing fragrance, both Jasmine and Lavender perfume oils are used for aromatherapy.