Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez reveal they’re still a couple

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez say they haven’t taken a completely changed course 12 hours ago.

Not all reports are correct. The couple told the US we are working on some things in a joint statement by Rodriguez’s representative Ron Barkovits on Saturday.

The announcement was made this morning after a person familiar with the situation but was not allowed to speak publicly, confirming that the couple had left

USA Today. People, E! Many news sources, including! The Associated Press also confirmed the news. Page Six reported that they were the first to leave.

Lopez and Rodriguez, 51, were most recently seen together with Shakira at Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Florida in February, a year after the 2020 Super Bowl

LIV halftime show with Miami. The couple also shared a kiss at President Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony in January, and Lopez sang a mix of This Land Is Your

Land, America the Beautiful, and his own hit Let’s Loud.

The couple debuted on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May 2011 and has been pretty inseparable ever since.

Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged in March 2019 after romantically asking the question to former baseball star Lopez during a beach trip. She said yes, a giant

engagement ring on Rodriguez Lopez’s finger captured the sunset.

They would tie the knot in Italy in June 2020, before the coronavirus outbreak hit in mid-March. In April, Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres that her future

marriage was in a holding system like the rest of the world.

Honestly, I don’t really know what’s going to happen today or anything like that, Lopez said on April 1 at the Allen Designers show that we just have to wait

a few months and see how all this will turn out.

In December, Hostlers star Andy Cohen announced on a radio show that he was questioning whether he would land on the island.

We spoke strictly (not married), Lopez replied to Cohen when asked about the relationship between Goldie Havan and Kurt Russell. (The couple has been

together for over 35 years and has never been married) Should we?

Lopez continued: “I got married before I was two, so are we going to get married?” Is not it? What does this mean for us? And that’s right, it’s about

personal choice, what do you want to do? Although of course not in a hurry.

Jennifer Lopez’s terminated marriage turns into a matter of marrying Alex Rodriguez

He added that it is really sad to postpone summer weddings.

On December 21, he told Lopez Cohen: “We all planned. So we look at the pipe in March or April and say, “Probably not.” Italy is the worst place in the

world. And we were going to get married in Italy. I said ‘OK, we canceled everything’.

However, the plague had a silver lining. Speaking to Oliver this month, Lopez frees the often busy couple to work within themselves, adding that he and

Rodriguez are going to therapy together.

She actually said she was really good. We were able to do our own job. We did therapy. I think it really helps in our relationship.

Lopez was previously married to host Ozani Noah (199–1999), dancer Chris Jude (2001–2003), and singer Mark Anthony (2004–2014), and she shared her twins

with Maximilian Max David, 13 and Amy Meribel. Rodriguez was married to Cynthia Scurtis from 2002 to 2006. They have two daughters: Natasha Alexander, 16 and Ila Alexander, 12.