Is Upgrading from 6GB RAM with 5G, to 8 GB RAM Worth It?

When you choose to upgrade your phone, you should consider important components that will make your user experience significantly better. When you upgrade to a new phone, it’s common to think of wanting better features in your potential new smartphone. Brands bank on this idea to sell their smartphones. What you may think will be better, may not necessarily be so in reality.

In 2017, when 6GB RAM smartphones were introduced, they were all the rage as they offered a happy medium between 4GB and 8GB RAM phones. If you have a 6GB RAM phone that is enabled with 5G, it’s likely that your phone has a good power unit already.

With a RAM of 6GB that is included in many mobiles of today, you get a good deal of RAM, which can do most tasks with a sufficient amount of ease and speed. It’s a good idea to do some research on RAM itself and find out how much improvement you will get in an 8GB RAM phone vis-a-vis your current 6GB phone.

Average Use

What is your purpose with your new smartphone? What will you do with it? Ask yourself these questions while thinking of upgrading your phone. If you are an average user, you can get one of many perfectly functional smart mobile phones under 15000 INR with 6GB RAM, if you’re buying a new one.

You don’t need an 8GB RAM smartphone. If your use is limited to listening to music, watching movies, social media and browsing, you can skip an 8GB RAM phone. Besides all the things mentioned, you can also do a bit of gaming on a 6GB RAM phone, which offers excellent performance.

A Spec Show-off

Most users think that higher specs translate to higher degrees of performance of the phone. While this may be true for certain specs and features, there is no overall justification for higher specs meaning better performance.

For instance, 6GB RAM phones will work better with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors than 8GB RAM phones with moderately good processors. It all depends on the combination of components and features in the smartphone. Research is vital to know what you are getting into.

Great Phones, Less RAM

While you are using your smartphone for normal day-to-day tasks, you won’t even know the difference between RAM of 6GB versus RAM of 8GB. Some of the world’s best phones like the iPhones come with less RAM. It is the operating system and processors in good phones, optimized in such a way that your phone works smoothly. Many apps like those to do with gaming are modified for phones that have a lesser RAM. There are ways to use your phone efficiently even if you have as little as 4GB of RAM, and most low-cost phones come with such allocations.

5G Support

While some may argue that buying an 8GB RAM phone will guarantee your phone being future-ready, so that if new apps and games are launched, you will be able to load them faster, it might not entirely be true.

People change their phones in a matter of 18 – 24 months in any case, so by the time the “future-proofing” is needed, you may change phones anyway. Also, if your phone is 5G-enabled, you are already ready and set for the future.

What 5G refers to is the fifth generation of mobile cellular communication networks. These new 5G networks (as opposed to the 4G ones we are using now) allow networks to run on frequencies of a broader variety.

The speed of these networks is also higher than 4G networks. Furthermore, having a 5G-enabled phone will work just as well with 6GB RAM as with 8GB. What 5G means is that your phone is ready to meet connectivity usage when 5G networks are established in India.

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