Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Boiler Cover?

Dealing with a defective or damaged boiler is challenging in winters as if there is a three-degree centigrade outside and you don’t have hot water and heating systems inside your house. It takes time to call the professional engineer for repair, and they also take time to complete their job of repairing. Many of us live in rented property as tenants and are confused about the boiler’s repair, whether it’s our duty or landlord’s responsibility? 

So in this article, I will clear your confusion regarding that by discussing the landlord’s rights and tenant regarding boiler cover.

What is a boiler cover?

Boiler cover is the service that includes the repair in case of any emergency damage. In winter, it is necessary to repair the boiler immediately after the failure. So, the boiler cover provides you their immediate services in case of any emergency regarding the boiler. 

You can say that the boiler’s insurance covers the central heating system, annual boiler services, carbon monoxide level check, home security, and electricity check. 

Boiler cover providers offer different services in their plan and have ranges of a basic or premium program. So, choose the right plan according to your house requirement.

Who’s Responsible for Boiler Cover?

Many tenants are confused regarding the repairing responsibility of the boiler. The landlord must repair the boiler, and the tenant is responsible for maintaining the boiler. The tenant must report the landlord in case of a central heating system, boiler, or anything regarding it. 

If the tenant damages the boiler by any mistreatment of the central heating system, then the landlord is free from repairing cost as it is the tenant’s fault, so they are responsible for repairing the boiler. 

What does the law say about boiler service?

According to the law, the landlord is responsible for repairing the heating system, pipes, boiler, wiring, sanitary fittings, or appliances. In 1985, this law was passed regarding the landlord’s duties, and it includes the repair of all the gas appliances and the landlord’s responsibility. 

The landlord is also responsible for hiring the Gas Safe engineer for the gas and gas appliances’ annual assessment or services. It is best to maintain the record of annual services and provide it to the tenant to maintain its condition by cleaning. 

However, it is the landlord’s responsibility to repair the boiler even if you don’t have the boiler cover.

How Does the Landlord Boiler Cover Work?

In case of an emergency in the boiler, the tenant informs the landlord regarding damage. The landlord verifies how damage occurs and confirms the breakdown. The landlord then calls the boiler cover to send their engineer and performs their duty to repair the boiler immediately. 

If a cover fails to repair the boiler immediately, the landlord must also arrange the tenant’s backup until the boiler is fixed and starts working. 

So, the tenant is not legally responsible for the repair of the boiler. The landlord must repair and fix the boiler. However, landlords need to have the proper cover for the boiler to call and repair the boiler immediately.