Is Maths important for CLAT?

Is Maths important for CLAT?
Is Maths important for CLAT?

CLAT is a national level entrance exam that is conducted every year for admissions in one of the top 21 law universities in India.

CLAT is a Common law admission Test. Many students are afraid of the maths subject. Many of us found mathematics is one of a difficult subject.

In this article, we will see about the importance of the maths subject in the CLAT exam and how to prepare for the maths section of the CLAT exam.

It is a dream of every law aspirant to score maximum marks in the CLAT exam and secure admission in one of the top law universities in India which will boost up their career. Download CLAT Math Syllabus PDF.

CLAT math section is specially designed to test the knowledge of the students in basic mathematics. CLAT exam test the mathematical skill and the analytical and reasoning ability of the students.

Mathematics is one of the most important and scoring subject in the CLAT exam. Many students underestimate the math section in the CLAT 2021 exam due to which they score less marks in the CLAT exam.

The weightage of the mathematics subject in the CLAT exam is less as compared to other subjects. The CLAT maths section comprises of total 20 marks. But one of the common mistakes which students do is they did not give time for maths preparation and due to which this section will be their weak point.

You should also give time for the preparation of the maths subject, which will help you to score an overall CLAT score. If you devote time to practice the numerical you can score full marks in this section.

It is recommended that student should give equal time to each subject to score maximum marks in the CLAT exam.

How to prepare for CLAT Maths subject

Before starting preparation for any competitive exam it is very necessary that you should know the detailed syllabus of that exam.

  • First upon study the detailed syllabus of the CLAT math subject. It will help you to understand and analyze what are the important topics which can be mostly asked in the exam.
  • Before starting preparation for the CLAT mathematics section you should clear all your basic mathematical concepts. It will help you approach and solve all types of numerical questions which will asked in the CLAT exam.
  • The CLAT mathematics section consists of total 20 marks and the ideal time every student should award for this section should not be more than 20 minutes.
  • It is very important that a candidate should do the consistent practice of various problems. Practice is the only way to score maximum marks in the CLAT examination.
  • Write down all the formulas on the sheet and memorize them regularly so that you can recall them during the time of the exam.
  • Attempt topic wise CLAT Math Mock test series. It will help to practice a number of questions and understand your strength and weaknesses.
  • Memorize all the tables and squares upto 30 and cubes upto 20 so that you can do the fast calculation in the exam and complete the paper within time. Revise all the formulas at least three times a day.
  • Mathematics is a scoring subject in the CLAT exam, but it also consumes a lot of time to solved numerical questions. So that it is necessary that you should develop good speed to solve the paper within the given time.
  • Use the right books and notes to prepare. Generally follow the standard NCERT maths textbooks for the preparation.
  •  To maximum marks in this section, students should have their fundamentals of mathematics strong so that we can easily score maximum marks in the CLAT mathematics subject.
  • Solve the previous year question papers which will helps you to understand the type and level of questions that are generally asked in the CLAT exam.

CLAT Maths section can prove a determining factor to score good marks and rank in the CLAT exam. Revision and consistent practice is the only key to score good marks in the exam.