6 IPTV Apps to Get for Android and Windows PC


59% of people today use the internet. That’s almost 5 billion people on the planet! With the free availability of the internet everywhere, people tend to use it for a lot of purposes. Watching TV over it is no exception to this!

People are increasingly switching over to IPTVs. Therefore, there is a rising number of streaming apps for both Android and Windows PC. The demand for internet services such as Spectrum internet customer service is also rising in order to ensure seamless streaming. Let us look at some of the best options available in the market.

Live Net TV

This application is very good and easy-to-use for online streaming. The application makes video streaming very convenient with its user-friendly interface. Using this service, users can easily access the content that is available in many different countries. Since the application comes with a lot of services, you will find a huge menu awaiting you! However, do not be bothered by it as the app comes with very easy navigation. You can watch all sorts of Sports, Entertainment, and News channels here. Furthermore, users can also choose from several language options to enhance their ease of understanding.


Here, you will find a sophisticated library of tons of channels to watch over GSE Smart IPTV. Furthermore, this app comes with a carefully customized menu that boasts excellent navigation as well. In-app purchases allow to upgrade the offerings and watch even more exquisite content. The content here supports around 45 different formats such as the M3U and JSON formats. This app also supports Chromecast and you can easily view your smartphone content on TV as well. Users can also use the parental lock to keep their kids from accessing the application. This feature comes in very handy.


This local player provides unlimited streaming and has a very good and friendly user interface. Kodi comes with support for Android, iOS, Windows, and many other OS as well. You can play videos of many popular formats conveniently on this app. This app is most suited for accessing unlimited streaming for a diverse content range. Other good features about Kodi are that you can install add-ons, play video-on-demand (VOD), and live TV. Make sure to use the add-ons that Kodi provides officially. Remember that watching copyrighted material by using third-party add-ons is illegal.


This IPTV application provides picture-in-picture support and also comes with the capability to record radio programs. Furthermore, you can download it for free from the company’s official website. One of the key offerings of this app is HD streaming. If you have a stable internet connection, you can stream a plethora of videos in HD here for free.


Available on the Microsoft app store, MyIpTV is one of the best players for Windows 10 PC. The application exhibits a neat user interface and aids in easy navigation. Just put in the link of your desired stream and the player will do the rest i.e., play it! Note that you have to insert the URL since the app does not provide direct access to IPTV channels.

IPTV Smarters Pro

This is another good application to watch content on your TV. As the name implies, it is ideal for use on PCs. This apps also works smoothly on Android and iOS operating systems. Users can, therefore, watch their favorite shows easily on the preferred device. The application comes with a compact interface. You can stream your favorite movie on your TV when you are home. On the other hand, when you’re traveling, you can use a public network to stream it on your phone!


All the above apps come with great functionality and top-notch features. Select one of them, based on your preferences, and enjoy HD streams on your IPTV. Make sure to have a stable internet connection for it. ISPs offer different packages for IPTVs. Make sure to check as some come with double and triple plays such as Spectrum packages. Remember that a stable internet together with a good app will allow your ISP to provide you with remarkable streaming. Therefore, do not compromise on any of them! Happy streaming!

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