Information about Glaucoma “The Sneak Thief of Sight” and Its Treatments

Information about Glaucoma “The Sneak Thief of Sight” and Its Treatments

Glaucoma continues to be the biggest concern related to the eyes health of people of all ages. If it is untreated, it can affect your vision and can cause permanent blindness. Though the rate of people losing their eyesight from Glaucoma has decreased by about 50%, this is all because of new advancements in medicine and technology, including laser surgery for Glaucoma. However, still, people wonder what to expect after laser surgery? How invasive is it? How long will it take to recover? Therefore we have come up with this informative post so that you can learn more about the eye surgery and its recovery process.

How to calculate if you have the risk of glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the main cause of vision loss in people in the United States, and it has affected over 2.7 million people. It is TThe number one cause of vision loss in Blacks and the number two in Caucasions, after macular degeneration.

Even people with a healthy lifestyle are still at risk of getting this disease. With many different types of Glaucoma, it is difficult to know if you have this disease, especially in the initial stage. In some cases, patients experience warning signs, but this scenario is highly uncommon. It is also possible to have different levels of Glaucoma in each eye. In some cases, this disease reaches the advanced stage in one eye while the other eye has lower pressure. People with the age of 40 years and over are counted in the high-risk zone. Age over 60 is a major risk factor. However , kids and young adults are not immune , especially if there is a family history.

If a person has a family history of Glaucoma, then he/she can have glaucoma disease in future. Those who are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure are easy targets of this disease. An eye injury or trauma also results in the same condition, including cancer, inflammation or extreme nearsightedness.

How Laser surgery for Glaucoma can prevent vision loss

Glaucoma is the result of the pressure on the optic nerve. It creates a buildup of fluid causing issue with the drainage and clogging. This can lead to damage to the retina and cause blindness. The scariest part of this disease is that 50% of patients are unaware of their condition.Glaucoma is nicknamed the Sneak Thief of Sight.

Most type of Glaucoma does not present any symptoms. Therefore it is important to get the idea to catch and control the disease before it results in vision loss. Proper testing and care play an important role in determining whether you have the disease. This makes it crucial to have a routine eye exam done by an expert eye doctor. He/she will examine and check eye pressure and the optic nerve. In mild cases, you can correct the condition with medicines or eye drops. But some patients do not respond well to the medication and start experiencing some side effects. Some other people experience even worse. This then causes the medicines to become ineffective over time. Therefore it is important to note that laser for glaucoma is often needed; its results are long-lasting but not permanent. New technology and innovation in medicines have lowered the Laser Glaucoma Surgery risk.

Important information about Laser surgery for Glaucoma

The main aim of laser surgery or treatment is to increase the outflow of the fluid from the eye or eliminate the fluid blockage through laser trabeculoplasty, cyclophotocoagulation or iridotomy.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty is the most common glaucoma laser treatment. It is the most effective alternative for patients who are unable to keep up with the daily eye drop treatment because of its, side effects and inconvenience. SLT controls glaucoma symptoms for up to five years with no need for additional medication and relieves the symptoms by promoting the body’s natural healing process.

There are different Laser treatment for glaucoma like LPI, ALT, SLT, YAG CP and others. At Hudson Ophthalmology Dr Marcelin determine which treatment is suitable for the patient by a thorough evaluation of the condition.

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