Ideal Fabrics – Alluring Homes


To make homes look appealing, even the smallest of things made use of, designing houses is imperative. Lounges also called sofas should be placed in the right position or place to give an unprecedented approach to the interiors. Similarly, choosing the right fabrics for the desired theme to style the cushions with the right cushion covers will add up that extra bit of quirk that is much needed for any house to look peculiar. Well, what’s imperative is choosing the perfect fabric to foster beautiful homes. They enhance the color and textures of the already existing theme.

Despite how pleasing the cushion may be, it is essential to keep a check on the effect that the fabric and design have on the interiors and how well it complements the overall style of the house. Here is a list of few fabric choices that one can adopt for creating distinctive homes. Shop quality fabrics from quilting mayhem Snohomish.

Cotton Linen Blend:

The blends are natural and the most popularly used fabrics. The cotton-linen blend is supple and gentle. They are known for the invigorative nature and are easy to maintain. Cotton fabric is durable. Linen is made from the flax plant. It is made of sheer intricacy, absorbent and the fabric becomes softer after a few washes. Cushion covers made of the cotton-linen blend are stunning and fashionable. So, this combination is a big hit and is highly recommended. These blends go well with light and give a breezy summer vibe.


A mix of various fabrics, polyester is a popular choice as it is well-known for its resistance towards creasing, eliminating crumples, and strength. This fabric comes in different shapes and colors. Being exceptional, captivating, and inexpensive, polyester is known for its warmth and durability. It can be easily washed and dried. The resistance towards shrinking and stretching is appreciable. Polyester fabrics come in high-quality designs and it is a perfect choice for styling manifestation. 


Velvet covers render an elegant touch to mystique rooms. A woven and tufted fabric that gives a distinctive idea of styling. These are extremely soft and relaxing. The use of rich and deep colors makes them a part of the luxurious pile. Velvet is a durable fabric made from synthetic or natural fibers like silk, cotton, and polyester. The fabric has no traces of fading and stretching properties. With their plain as well as printed designs, they give an aesthetic vibe.

Wool or Knit:

Wool is a natural fiber obtained from animals like sheep or goats. As no chemicals are used in turning the fiber into the fabric, wool is fire resistant. Its warm and rich textures lead to a cozy wintery vibe. Wool is durable and does not form wrinkles, though it requires gentle care for long life.

Faux or fake Fur:

Fluffy and comfortable, faux fur is made of polymeric fibers which are processed, dyed, and brushed thus making it feel as soft as real fur. Incorporating these cushions in any home is the ideal way to provide them with a homier feeling, comfort, and the bliss of softness. When contrasted with other diverse fabrics, colors, and patterns such as wool and velvet, it’s beautiful on both beds and sofas. These are available in a fantastic range of fluffy pillows or cushions that can be very fashionable. On combining with the prints and solids, they give an excellent touch to the interiors. Faux fur is the perfect fabric for a house or a room with a ‘Boho Chic’ theme. People will never be able to take their eyes off from such contemporary designs. 

Well, choose the right fabric to make homes beautiful and captivating.

Happy Styling!!  

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