iCrowdfr, the Leading French International and National News Distribution Platform

icrowd fr

Initiating a news platform for all the French speaking audience around the world and becoming the number one French news providers internationally.

French is a common language that most people use around the world. Apart from France, most countries in the African continent have French as their first language. Switzerland, portions of Canada, and many other places use French for their communication. Keeping this factor in mind iCrowdfr presents a platform where news from all around the world is translated into French. Visit now at www.icrowdfr.com and get started.

A journalist with French as a first language can find it challenging to gather International news. This is because most International news is distributed in English language. But iCrowdfr provides its readers the ability to read through international news translated into French. iCrowdfr receives hundreds of press releases from around the world in many different languages. These press releases are then translated into French and posted on the website.

Find the latest news at iCrowdfr in your native language and explore what is happening around the world in no time. Create your own stories from the news being shared at iCrowdfr and add personal perspective to the news before sharing it on any other platform. Freely explore hundreds of press releases which are published throughout the day and pick the story which resonates with you the best.

Not only are the press releases available to read by the viewers of the website but they are also available for people to hear and listen to. Pretty shocking, right? iCrowdfr offers its audio channels so that people who do not have the time or interest to read press releases can easily listen to them. iCrowdfr is aware of the limitations which their followers have, hence they distribute the press releases on audio channels such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and many other platforms. All these press releases can be heard in French audio thus increasing the convenience of the audience.

The number one priority of iCrowdfr is to provide a platform which allows people to read and extract data from the press releases at their own convenience. The website is easy to navigate and simple to use ensuring that anyone who is reading the press release can take out the news that they need and utilize it in the earliest possible time. Now, with the presence of iCrowdfr, there is little to no chance that a French journalist will miss out on any International news. They will have easy access to finding and creating their own stories through the translated press releases into French language.  

About iCrowdfr

Launched in 2015 iCrowdfr powered by Google has implemented more press release distribution innovations than any other newswire in the industry from paid social and digital media advertising to audio marketing and 8 translations per release – no other wire provides geographic targeting down to a zip or postal codes worldwide; demographic targeting by age group, industry and interest; audio distribution with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Sire; Google and Apple news and more.