How To Upgrade To a Energy Friendly Home Office

2020 will be remember as the year when corporations across the globe were forced to work remotely. Home offices result in a great deal of savings, while maximizing productivity and profit, if done right. Making one’s home office more energy-friendly is always a smart choice that can only amplify the benefits.

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home

Working from home has many perks.

Flexibility working hours

You get to decide when you will take a break or have lunch.

Personalized environment

You get to decorate your office in any way you like.

Cozy ‘office wear’

You don’t have to wear painful heels or scratchy shirts.

No commuting

You get to save precious time from your daily commute.

Save money

There’s no need to go out and get lunch as your kitchen is just around the corner.

But, just like anything in this world, it also has its disadvantages.

You need willpower and discipline to keep up with your working schedule and fight off procrastination. You can no longer socialize as there are no colleagues nearby. And magic happens when people come together. Not to mention the annoying waiting time that seems like eternity while a colleague replies to your email.

  1. Remote Working Tips

Although one person’s productivity booster can be another’s distracting disaster, here are some universal tips to keep your productivity at an optimal level. What you should not forget is to also make an effort to keep both your and your team’s moral high.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Nobody’s perfect so cut yourself some slack from time to time. Not feeling motivated from time to time is fine, as long as it does not turn into a daily mood.

  1. Protect your workspace but also respect your time

Your family needs to respect your working hours and your personal space. But also, just by being home does not mean that you should think about work 24/7.

  1. Focus on ergonomics

Get yourself a comfortable chair and find as many ways as possible to combat the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. Your body will thank you.

  1. Make sure that you communicate clearly

By not interacting face to face, misunderstandings can easily arise. Communicate clearly and speak up if you don’t understand something.

  1. Stay aligned with your company’s culture

Just because you’re away, it does not mean that the company’s values have changed. Find new ways to nurture the relationships with your co workers and clients. Just because you are home, it does not mean that you are no longer ‘playing the game’. A company is much more than office walls.

  1. Dress for the occasion

Just because you are home, it does not mean you should stop being professional. Your outfit says a lot about you, even when you’re on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

  1. Use video

As uncomfortable as it may be, use video as speaking to an empty screen is everything but pleasant. It’s common courtesy.

  1. Ask for feedback

Ask your colleagues, superiors and clients how well you are doing and identify areas where you should improve.

  1. How to Set up a Energy Friendly Home Office

Since more time at home probably means a higher Eversource CT utility bill, it is important to be mindful of your energy usage. But being energy-efficient comes from two things: using energy-efficient devices and your usage habits. Making small changes to your day-to-day routine alone can significantly trim your energy bill. But energy-efficient devices are specifically built to use less energy without comprising on performance.

LED bulbs

LED bulbs do not only consume less electricity, but they also have longer life spans than their traditional counterparts.

Use natural lighting whenever possible

This will directly reduce your electricity consumption but just make sure your screen is positioned in such a way that there is no glare.

Use power strips

Power strips do more than save energy. They protect the equipment and prevent “wire spaghetti” which stands for the tangled mess of cables cluttering your space. Decluttering always leads to improved productivity.

Use energy efficient equipment

Energy Star ® devices can save you as much as 75% in energy use.

Use smart technology

By connecting your smart devices to a smart home hub, you will not only enjoy the automation but also energy monitoring features. Understanding our energy usage is crucial to becoming aware of how we consume so we can improve our habits.

Takeaway – What matters is that you choose the environment that you will be productive in as at the end of the day: wherever you are working from, the point is that you are working.  Applying some energy-savvy practices to your home office can only help you feel more comfortable, be more productive and save you money along the way.