How to Stay Sane While Studying for Your Online MBA

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Portrait of university student writing in book at home

There are a multitude of reasons to study for an MBA (Master of Business Administration). If you have a passion for business and want to broaden your skillset and knowledge in the sector, obtaining an MBA and housing it on your resume can open more career doors and opportunities.

While thousands of MBA students choose a school-based establishment to study, others prefer to learn from home. If you resonate with the latter, keeping your spirits up and staying focused can be difficult. To help you thrive throughout your MBA, here are some tips to keep you sane.

Choose the Right Degree

First and foremost, you must pick an MBA degree that aligns with your career goals. There are many types of MBA programs that you can check out, with specializations including accounting, economics, and finance. You need to think about what occupations interest you most, so you pick an MBA course that gets you in your dream position.

You need to remember that your MBA experience should not just teach you the A-Z of business. There are many reasons Why MBA Experience Makes a Difference. You will need to gain real-world experience alongside your MBA that will set you up for a successful career in business. Make sure you look into course modules, entry requirements, and fees before picking your program.

Create a Study Space

Once you’ve found the right MBA degree, you need to find room in your home which can be allocated for studying. If you have a home office, this can serve as the perfect environment to get stuck into your learning. For those who don’t have tons of room, you may benefit from going to your local library or coffee shop to immerse yourself in your degree.

Having a study space that’s solely dedicated to your MBA will help you concentrate on your course. It’s wise not to study in your bedroom, as this space should be used for sleep and relaxation only. Also, ensure anyone else living in your home is aware when you’re studying. The last thing you need is constant distractions which hinder your concentration levels.

Establish a Routine

Studying for your MBA online comes with an array of benefits like learning at your own pace. However, you will need to learn self-discipline and commit time each week to concentrate on your program. Establishing a routine from the offset will help you manage your time better and ensure you’re putting your all into your degree. If you’re not the organized type, you will struggle to navigate through your MBA.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it, is key to excelling in your MBA. There are apps you can download to your smartphone that can add structure to your day and ensure you find the right balance between learning and socializing.

Take Regular Breaks

When embarking on your online MBA program, it’s just as important to take regular breaks as it is studying. This is because too much time spent behind your screen can decrease productivity, rather than keep you focused. Understandably, you’ll want to graduate with top marks, but this can come at a price to your mental and physical wellbeing if you’re not careful.

There’s no shame in taking regular breaks from your studies. Taking 15 minutes away from your desk will give you time to clear your head, shift your focus and help you return to your seat feeling full of productivity and motivation. Even if you head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, doing something to take your mind off studying is important.

Get Outside

If you’re currently working from home due to COVID-19, studying online for your MBA will mean you’re indoors more than ever before. While some people are content with this, others find it difficult to stay motivated. If this sounds like you, it’s important to get outside regularly. Having some fresh air in your lungs will do you the world of good and can decrease stress levels.

Whether you go for a walk around your neighborhood, head to a park with friends, or even sit in your backyard, make sure you factor in plenty of time outside. Natural light can give you all kinds of health benefits, such as improving your sleep, boosting your focus, and helping you think positively.

Factor in Regular Exercise

In addition to getting outside, online MBA students can benefit from regular exercise. Whether you love playing sports, working out, or dancing, make sure you find an activity that gets your heart pumping. When you think about how much time you’ll be spent sitting down studying behind a screen, your mind and body need time in the day for physical activity.

Taking 30 minutes out of your day to dedicate to exercise will reduce stress, improve concentration, and give your body the workout it needs. As you return to your desk to study, you should notice a huge improvement in your productivity levels.

Prioritize Sleep

During your online MBA program, you will have all kinds of deadlines you must meet. Rather than cramming everything in the night before with little to no sleep, you should ensure you get plenty of rest throughout your course. Too many MBA students in the past made the mistake of not getting enough sleep.

As you sleep, your mind and body have a chance to repair themselves, helping you to wake up feeling energized and ready for a day of learning. Rather than reaching for the coffee machine as your go-to, getting 7 to 8 hours of rest each night will increase energy levels and help you thrive in your MBA. If you have difficulty getting shuteye, removing distractions can help. These can include switching off your television and putting your smartphone out of sight.

Eat Healthily

Throughout your MBA program, you need to be fueling your mind and body with the right foods. If a long day of studying awaits, you may want to call a takeout to keep you going. However, fast food will only do so much in terms of keeping your energy levels up. You’ll find that you may get an initial burst of energy, but you’ll soon burn out. Past MBA students will tell you the importance of eating a balanced diet during your course.

Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and foods filled with protein. Protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning you won’t be as likely to reach for the snack drawer while studying. Also, you should be drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches and migraines that will tamper with your concentration and potentially hinder your success.

Talk to Friends and Family

Once you have enrolled on your MBA degree, having your loved ones behind you throughout the journey can mean everything. When you navigate through your MBA course, you may come up against obstacles and challenges. Therefore, having friends and family to let off steam to is essential. If you are struggling with any aspect of your course, knowing your loved ones are there as a shoulder to cry on can be a huge help.

When speaking to loved ones, you may find a relative has undertaken an MBA degree before. This can be a great opportunity to get advice and support, especially from those you deem closest to you.

Engage With Peers

As well as speaking to friends and family, make sure you engage with fellow MBA students during your course. Only they will truly know the extent of the course and what feelings and emotions it can have on you along the way. While you will be studying for your MBA online, there are many opportunities to engage with your peers. Thanks to technology, you can use Zoom or Skype to connect, share notes and discuss modules.

When you build relationships with your online classmates, this could help you going forward when graduating. It’s not uncommon for MBA students to link up with others on business ideas. If you form friendships with your peers, make sure to hold onto them as they could come in handy when you head into the business world.

Reach Out for Help

Although you’ll be studying remotely for your MBA, that’s not to say you won’t get the full MBA experience. Whatever business school you pick, there will be experienced staff you can contact to get advice from. Whether you need support with a module, or you’re unsure what to do after you graduate, reaching out for help from your tutor can prove useful.

No two MBA students learn the same way, so if you feel like you’re running behind schedule, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with your course leader. They will be there to hold virtual meetings where you can discuss your experience thus far and ask questions.

If you aspire to work in management or be your own boss, an MBA degree will help you on your career path. To flourish in your course and finish with your desired grades, all the tips above will keep you sane, grounded, and motivated to do your best in your MBA.