How to select the best mattress for pregnancy in India?

How to select the best mattress for pregnancy in India?
How to select the best mattress for pregnancy in India?

Pregnancy – The precious month every woman enjoys and embraces. What a wonderful time for everyone in the family! The arrival of a little one is much awaited. It is also a time a woman not only takes utmost care of herself, but the utmost care of a growing life in her.

As we all know a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy and with this, so does her wardrobe. To accommodate the changes, a lot of care is taken right from food to clothes, to physical activity and more. Not many however think about-SLEEP! 

Rest is really important during pregnancy. Short naps and longer hours of sleep can do well for the stress that the body is going through. With pregnancy, a lot of sensitivities develop among women, with regard to food, smells and of course pain. Hence, a good night’s sleep is precious. 

Sleep can be both a stress reliever and something that causes stress as one’s sleep position also changes as a woman’s belly grows. Sleep quality is affected due to the changing body. Hence, in the midst of all the discomfort and changes a woman is going through, the least one can do to keep her happy and relaxed is making her sleep calming. With a comfortable bed and a mattress that supports her back. 

What to look for in a mattress for pregnancy?

  1. Spinal posture support- With your body growing, sleep gets uncomfortable during the months of pregnancy. Uneasiness and discomfort becomes a usual thing. Back pain becomes a daily challenge. Some women sleep on their stomachs, some on their backs and this is also made impossible during pregnancy. Having your spine upright and unaffected is very important during pregnancy, as it influences a baby’s development in a mother’s womb. Care must also be taken that the mattress does not disrupt spinal posture and supports the cervical vertebrae. Pressure points aligned there must not be stressed to avoid back pains. If it can help ease the pain with its sturdiness, even better.  An ACA certified orthopaedic mattress in this case is the best option. 
  1. Breathability and composition– It is also important to have a mattress that is hygienic and doesn’t add to allergies or irritations. Also, since there are many hormonal fluctuations happening, women sweat a lot during pregnancy. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night irritated with the humidity and heat. Remember, cooler temperature-better sleep!  Not only that, the fabric must be free of harmful chemicals as some chemicals even in trace amounts can be damaging to the growing baby. Light fabric that is eco-friendly and keeps you fresh is a win-win. Look for an OEKO- TEX certification that gives you the assurance that your mattress is anti-allergic and non-toxic. 
  1. Ease of maintenance- Furthermore, any mattress for that matter, must have removable covers, should be easy to maintain and clean. Fresh bed to sleep on does wonders to your sense of sleep and relaxation.  Ensure your mattress comes with a removable cover 
  1. Eco-friendly and skin friendly- Allergies, bacterial and fungal infections or even dust mite menace is a strict no no. So when looking for a mattress, why not go an extra mile and keep in mind to opt for fabrics that are eco-friendly and care for sensitive skin? Anti-bacterial and anti-dustmite fabrics are some pointers to look out for especially for a pregnant woman while purchasing a mattress. If the mattress is reliable by being certified GOTS, it is the crown holder. Thoroughly tested and industry certified only leads to more trust and value. 

A mattress that provides all of this and more is Magniflex Magnistretch mattress

Making sleep comfortable for a pregnant wife, sister or a friend is a thoughtful thing to do. So go ahead and show some extra care for the woman nurturing a new life by gifting her mattress that will ensure her journey towards motherhood is full of relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.