How to Pick The Right Travel Agent in India?

pick travel agent

Many people believe that travel agents are totally obsolete and they don’t need a Right Travel Agent in India for their next trip as they have Google maps and so many other helping apps on their smartphone. It is true that travel apps on mobiles are a great help even for first-time travelers, but one should understand that a mobile app can’t compete with a competent local travel agent.

When I said travel agent, I also used the word “competent”, which means not every travel agent is helpful. There are many travel agents who are fake and they just want your money. When you call them they will talk to you like they are reading a script.

This type of travel agent is of no use and mobile apps are a much better guide for you in that case. But if you are good enough to find a certified and professional local travel agent, then there is nothing better than that.

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Here is a simple guide to find the right travel agent in India for your next trip.

Look For the Certified Agent

Always look for a certified “Right Travel Agent in India” from the official travel agency. Travel Agents Association of India provides a certificate to only local travel agents who are real and who are experts in the field. They take care of the proper requirements for every travel agent and travel agency.

If a travel agent you are in contact with is a member of the Travel Agents Association of India, then you are in good hands. But if that particular travel agent is not certified by the TAAI then it is better to look for another candidate in India.

Always Prefer a Local Agent

Avoid any online travel agents that can’t meet you in person. A Right Travel Agent in India who is available to shake hands with you and can convince you about his quality of service by looking into the eyes is a true agent that can help you.

For example, if you need a Kolkata travel agent, then make sure that he is a local guy and also, he is a certified agent from the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI).

Also, try to visit the on-ground office of the travel agent to make sure that they have a local address and can be reached at any time in case of emergency. Online travel consultants who don’t have a physical address can be risky as they won’t be available in case of emergency and you will not be able to contact them when you need to meet them urgently.

Interview the Travel Agent

It is also important to interview the agent. Ask him questions about your trip and try to judge his approach. A good and ‘Right Travel Agent in India‘ consultant will always try to help you, he will not mind your questions. He will try his best to clear all your doubts by answering your questions.

A new and a hobbyist agent will try his best to pressurize you to make the final decision of the booking. He will try to avoid your questions and he doesn’t have enough knowledge about how a professional tour operator works.