How to Monitor the School Performance of Children

monitor your child’s school performance

Do you monitor your child’s school performance? Know that parental support is essential for the little ones to build a healthier and more fruitful relationship with the school. With attention and care, they feel welcomed and better prepared to face the challenges of the world of education.

We know how important this issue is for the development of children, especially young ones. For this reason, we have prepared a special post that explains:

  • The importance of monitoring children’s daily school performance;
  • How to take an active part in your child’s school life;
  • How the relationship between parents, school and students benefits young people’s performance.

Understand the Importance of Monitoring Children’s School Performance

When parents get involved and monitor their children’s school performance, they relate much better to the school, to what is learned in class, to friends and teachers, etc.

Learning becomes more fluid and natural for the child. She feels less anxious and apprehensive, no longer associating school with problems and difficulties. In fact, she starts to see the school as a new environment full of possibilities and opportunities.

Thus, it is essential that parents help their children to look at schools positively. It is possible that the child faces difficulties, after all, they are common in any sphere of life, isn’t it? Therefore, monitoring school performance is essential, as it is intended to help them deal with these adversities in a wiser and calmer way.

Check out tips to monitor your child’s school performance

After understanding the importance of being more present in the school life of young people, the time has come to understand how it is possible to do this. In a practical way, we share some tips to help you follow this learning process at home. Come on?

Show interest and talk to your child

The first tip is simple, however, little practiced by some parents. So, start by showing an interest in what your child does every day at school. Ask him about the activities he has been doing, how the teachers behave during class, if he has any friends in the class he is in, and so on.

Establish an eye-to-eye dialogue to understand how he feels within the school environment. We understand that, sometimes, the rush of daily life does not allow us to perform the tasks we would like, but this attention is essential for your child’s performance.

It is essential to talk to him and make it clear that there is space to tell him about his achievements, difficulties, and fears. This makes the child feel welcomed! So, invest in this relationship!

Celebrate achievements

Speaking of achievements, have you recognized your child’s progress? Celebrating advances, however small, is important to encourage you to move forward in your studies with confidence in yourself.

If he finished assignments ahead of schedule, helped a classmate study, or tackled a complicated exercise, acknowledge the effort. Mention how proud you are to see that he is really working hard!

Encourage Daily Study

Help him establish a study routine, even during the week. The ideal is to set aside a few hours of the day for this and, while he is concentrating, you can accompany him, helping him with the activities, clearing up doubts, stimulating critical thinking, and even seeking solutions together.

The idea is not to find the answers for him, ok? It is, in fact, to encourage them to find the solution to the problems themselves, with a lot of patience and respecting the pace of learning of the little one always. This attitude contributes to the development of autonomy and, once again, confidence.

Many Schools of Pasco County have integrated with the MyPascoConnect parent portal. Also, Registration is a must for everyone to access the MyPascoConnect.

This helps all the Parents, Students, and Teachers to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, take notes, send emails, scheduling classes, and more – all of which are very essential in learning.

Check notebooks daily

To complement the study routine and daily monitoring of the little one, it is important to flip through the notebooks to check what has been studied in the classroom. This is also a way to show interest in his school life and, also, an excellent way to understand what content is covered.

Participate in parent meetings

Finally, an important tip is to participate in the meetings promoted by the school. These meetings are important to talk about the child’s school performance, understand how he behaves in the classroom, ask questions about content, etc.

Know that this contact is essential to fully understand, individually, how the student is learning and what can be done, for example, to improve their performance, if necessary.

Discover the importance of the relationship between parents, school and students

As you can see, one of our tips to monitor your child’s school performance is to attend meetings. In fact, we believe that this is not the only way to keep in touch with the educational institution.

It is important to take advantage of the many opportunities that the school provides to establish a relationship of trust between school staff and parents. Thus, we recommend that you check in at presentations, fairs, and other scheduled events. Below are the exclusive Login instructions for Parents.

This contributes to the child’s cognitive and motor development, especially if she is younger, and demonstrates to the school that her performance is important for the family. We know that the day-to-day does not allow parents to be present all the time, but it is necessary to make an effort to participate in at least some events.

See below for more benefits of the relationship between parents, school, and students:

  • Development of student autonomy and responsibility;
  • Reduction of possible indiscipline problems;
  • Identification of learning difficulties;
  • Improvement in the performance of teachers, educators and the entire school team.

Did you like to know how to monitor your child’s school performance? In this text, we bring important information for you to understand that, regardless of the daily rush, it is essential to be present in the child’s school routine in order to ensure that he has a complete, fruitful and healthy learning experience.