How to Monitor and Analyze Driver Behavior with Dash Cams

Dash Cams
Dash Cams

It is important to track down the behavior of drivers in fleets to maximize efficiency and avoid any type of mischief on the driver’s part. 

One of the best ways to monitor and analyze driver behavior is by installing dash cams in your fleets. They also help in maintaining the safety of the drivers. 

According to a report, fleet industries suffer from a great loss of human resources and as well as capital due to road accidents each year. Dashcams are very useful in avoiding these accidents. 

As fleet managers can’t be in touch with drivers all the time so these dash cams come very handy in keeping track of everything. Let us look at how these dash cams work and can aid in managing your fleets and in analyzing driver tracking app.

How Fleet Dash Cams Work

Fleet dash cams come in different specifications to cater to the needs of different types of fleets. Various types of dashcams can be used by fleets of bigger and smaller sizes. 

The dashcams are equipped with AI that assists the drivers and keeps things in check without much manual effort and also with an inbuilt GPS device that allows the manager to keep track of the location of the fleet. 

These days dashcams come not only with AI but with other technologically advanced facilities like 360-degree angle cameras, night vision cameras, sound cameras, and much more.

The fleet dash cams work on these principles they not only help in monitoring the drivers’ behavior but with the help of the AI assist the driver in many ways to increase efficiency, reduce road accidents, and overall maintain the safety of the fleets and the driver.

Many dash cams come with such powerful AI that can detect even the real-time activities of the driver and can notify them to avoid any kind of accident. 

In cases of distracted driving, sleeping, smoking, making phone calls, high speed, or even rash driving the AI-powered dash cams can notify the driver to drive safely and can also send the report to the fleet manager. 

These dash cams are powerful tools to increase the efficiency of fleets.

What are the benefits of dashcams?

The dash camps are beneficial in many ways on fleet camps. It is one of the major reasons why bigger commercial fleet industries are relying so much on this technology for keeping a check over their fleets with ease and accuracy. 

Some of the benefits of fleet cams are mentioned below.

Keeps a check over the driver

In many cases, you may encounter that your driver may tell you a lie or adulterated information regarding many things for his/her benefit. 

Dashcam with GPS come very handy to get away from these types of false claims. In case of accidents, they can also show valid proof and can save the driver from severe punishments and penalties.

It also improves the driving of the driver with the help of 360 degree angled cameras as they can point out the areas where they need improvement if any, this way you can coach them in the right way for future endeavors.

Reduces cost of Insurance

As insurance companies look at all the prospects of safety before offering you the right insurance, many insurance companies can offer huge discounts if your fleets are installed with dash cams. 

Dashcams improve the security and safety of your fleets to a greater extent and this provides a comforting factor to the insurance companies.

Saves a lot of costs

Fleets demand a lot of wear and tear due to the carelessness of the drivers and the application of heavy brakes and pads. 

Dashcams can save you a lot by notifying the drivers and the manager about harsh breaks or any other inappropriate practice with the help of inbuilt AI. Dash cams are known to save up to 20 % of the cost by reducing wear and tear.

Information about accidents

In many cases when a fleet met with an accident the manager may not get a real-time update from the driver about the situation if he/she is injured. 

Dashcams come very handy in such situations where the fleet manager can get the real-time pictures and location of the fleet management solution. It allows not only to reach the fleet as soon as possible but can also save the life of the driver in critical situations.

Wrapping it up

Managing and keeping a check over large fleets requires a lot of attention but can still lead to many misinformations, accidents due to carelessness of drivers, and a lot of capital expenditure in maintaining the wear and tear of the fleets. 

Dashcams are the modern solution to fix the problem of monitoring and analyzing driver’s behavior and other aspects of fleets. They can save a lot of costs and can improve efficiency to manifolds.