How To Manage Important Expenses With A Personal Loan?

Personal Loan
Personal Loan

In the past 12 months, the pandemic led to some unforeseen financial distress across economies globally and individual households. With unexpected medical costs and other contingencies, managing expenses has become difficult. However, with the Fullerton India Personal loan, you can meet all your essential expenses, without exhausting your savings. 

Let us learn more about it in this article.

Managing expenses with a personal loan

Unlike other loans, personal loans do not require any collateral, which makes it easy for individuals, as they do not have to pledge any asset as security. Personal loans can cover a wide range of expenses. For example, the Fullerton India personal loan can be used to cover all your expenses, such as medical emergencies, vacations, weddings, education, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

With so much expense management through just one financial instrument, a personal loan acts as a lifesaver for many. Let us see some key advantages of a personal loan:

1. Easy apply: If you opt to apply for Fullerton India personal loan online, the process is quick and straightforward. You need to spare just five minutes of your time to fill the personal, professional, and banking details and upload some documents. Within 24 hours, the loan will be approved if you meet the eligibility and other loan terms. So, with minimum effort, you can reap maximum benefits. 

2. Hassle-free documentation: If you apply for a loan, the documentation can consume a lot of your time. But it is not the case with a personal loan. As no collateral is involved, you can now get a personal loan without getting into the hassle of multiple forms and documents. 

3. Sizable funds: Even though personal loans have strict eligibility criteria, once approved, can help manage your expenses. You can get a loan of up to Rs 25 lakhs* with Fullerton India for example, which will help cover all your major expenses while keeping your savings intact.

4. Online assistance: All the information is directly available online, so you can skip going to the bank for help with the personal loan related queries. With the personal loan EMI calculator online, you can also calculate your monthly repayment dues with minimum information. 

5. Competition: The increasing competition in the finance market has pushed all the offline and digital lenders to provide you with amazing deals on personal loans. The borrower also can choose the lender which offers better interest rates and higher loan amount to cover their expenses without draining money later in the form of EMIs.

6. Attractive interest rate: The interest rate offered by lenders for a personal loan now has become very attractive compared to other credit options. Based on your credit score and income details, you can easily negotiate your interest rate payable. Due to the lower interest rate, the personal loan can also be used for debt consolidation, i.e. to repay all your pending unsecured debts and then continue with just one. 

7. Flexible tenure: With a personal loan, you have the freedom to choose the tenure within which you will repay the loan amount along with interest. The payment will be made monthly in the form of EMIs. The longer your tenure, the lesser the monthly EMIs and vice-versa. So based on your repaying capacity, you can choose the tenure.


Now that we know that a personal loan is an excellent tool for managing your expenses make sure that you enlist all your necessary expenses before applying for a personal loan.

You should apply for a personal loan only for the amount needed to meet your expenses. Choose your lender smartly, ensuring a lower interest rate, higher approved amount, and optimal loan tenure.