How to Make Your Headboards in a Luxury Hotel-Style?

How to Make Your Headboards in a Luxury Hotel-Style?

High-end luxury inns aspire to provide a space for their clients which offers comfort as well as tranquility. Design ideas and expertise from the luxury hotels can help us in recreating ideal bedding for our residences. The ambiance and royal comfort can be recreated that we experience at ultra-luxury hotels such as at W hotels or Hyatt.

These 5 handy ways dives us into the experience of luxury bedding, we at bedroom furniture store aspire to create.

Taller Headboards

The first thing which attracts you while you enter a nice hotel suite is the extended headboard bed design. The luxurious furnished wall panel typically gives the hotel suite a luxury appearance and provides a majestic comfort.

Usually the height of a headboard is 6 to 7 feet, to add to the comfort and luxury of the room. Some headboards at cheap headboards UK are broader than bed usually 2 feet on both sides. The wider panel extends further beside side tables for ultra-luxury appearance. While the upholstered master centerpiece gives the feel of soothing comfort, the feel of go-big when you go home.

High Fashion Trends

Keeping the current fashion tone in your place is always preferable. Luxury hotels usually refurbish their spaces in 2 to 3 years or if more than that they must refurbish after every 5 years to attract customers. Fortunately, my clients are at the liberty of choosing the refurnishing time at their own comfort and according to current fashion trends.

While I’m designing beds for my clients or for digital advertisements, I usually prefer current trends, that are also considered timeless fashion trends. One more unique style is shelter wing-back headboard that offers the comfortable nest like look, and gives the feel of ultra-comfort which relieves your stress in a matter of seconds.

Natural Colours

The most attracting feature of bed along with design is the colour scheme. Luxury hotel rooms usually offers the blend of natural and neutral light colours. However, most interior designers recommend neutral colours.

Natural colours could also be used to add flavour of nature in to the space. Natural colours like blue and green could serve as a soothing pleasure for eyes. Other colours could be added with natural colours to spice up further.

Storage Space

We also offer concealed storage space in our beds. One always wants to keep their valuable items safe and close at hand and storage safe in bed offers a great alternative to a wardrobe locker.  We offer safe space built according to client’s choice, which ranges from biometric or code safes security designs. Cost of these safes carries according to the size.

Availability of Charging Ports

One of the most attracting feature of luxury hotels is convenience which is the reason why people love to stay there.  Charging port in bed designs is the most convenient thing we are offering in our bed designs. You can keep on using your mobile phones or laptops while charging.