How to Make Withdrawal on KuCoin Exchange?

KuCoin Exchange?

How to Make Withdrawal on KuCoin Exchange?

Kucoin’s global cryptocurrency exchange opened up in September 2017 for trading. The R&D is high on quality projects throughout the crypto industry. There are more than 190 tokens and more than 400 trading pairs listed. It has more than five million registered users all-round the globe.

KoCoin introduced the Global OTC Merchant Recruitment Program that helps users with in-process liquidity. The KuCoin OTC, being an information service platform, is dedicated to providing services regarding the legal tender transaction and digital assets, as per CryptoMoonPress. They provide 24×7 customer care service to help its merchants with their transaction efficacy. It also aids in providing legal and professional support services.

How to Withdraw on KuCoin?

Step1: Login and Token Search

After logging in to your Kucoin account, go to the “Assets” tab. Click on “Overview” and then the “Withdraw” tab. You will find 2 withdraws tab, click on the one you prefer.

Go to the search box. Either type out the token name or scroll down to find the token name you want to withdraw.



Step2: Token Selection

After you log in to your Kucoin account and select the right token, you must add the wallet address. The wallet address consists of name, remark, and address. It is optional to remark, but you need to enter the name and address. Click on the “Confirm” button, and you are all set.


A Note:

• USDT tokens and the kind that support other types of public chains, the chain will be automatically identified by the system once the address is input.

• If there is not enough balance during withdrawal, the chances are that the assets may be stored in a trading account. You need to first transfer the assets to the main account.

• If the address section displays “Contain invalid or sensitive information,” or if it may be incorrect, recheck the withdrawal address or consult online support.

Step 3: Complete Withdrawal steps

a) Type in your trading password.

b) Then enter the E-mail verification code

c) And finally the Google 2FA code or the SMS

and you are done!



1. Trouble in trading password verification, e-mail code, or Google 2FA/SMS code?

2. Visit the following links and get help.

3. Trading Password problem

4. E-mail code or SMS code problem

5. Google 2FA problem

Things to know to improve your Withdrawal experience

• Your withdrawal is processed in 30 minutes. To improve the security of your assets, if your withdrawal amount exceeds 10,000 times of handling fee, your request is manually processed. Here, it solely depends on the blockchain how much time it will take to transfer the assets in your wallet.

• Recheck the address and token type. You cannot cancel the withdrawal once it leaves Kucoin.

• Different tokens charge different withdrawal fees. After logging in to the withdrawal page, you can check the fee amount on searching that specific token.

• Kucoin is a trading platform for digital currency, fiat money withdrawal, and trading is not supported. For any query, contact online support.

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Adding Usual Address

Kucoin offers the facility of adding usual addresses for the users.

Add often-used addresses by typing in the trading password, E-mail verification code, Google 2FA code, or SMS verification code to go through elaborate withdrawal processes every time.

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Viewing Withdrawal Records

After you log into the Kucoin account, Go to the “Assets” tab and click on the “Main Account (Deposit&Withdraw).” Then to view the withdrawal history, click on “Deposit&Withdrawal History.” After doing that, select the token to view its withdrawal history. Refer above to know how to select tokens. After scrolling down the page, view the withdrawal records.