How to Keep Your Kids From Eating too Much Halloween Candy

As Halloween approaches, we want to help you enjoy this fun holiday without a sugar overload in your family. So here are some tips on how to keep your kids from eating too much candy while trick-or-treating: Limit their trick-or-treating time and distance. Although trick-or-treating is an important part of Halloween, children often eat more than they should in a short amount of time. So if your kids are old enough to walk with you, plan on only allowing them to trick-or-treat for a half hour and then come home. Or consider suggesting that they only visit four houses instead of twelve or fifteen. If they end up indulging in too much candy, not only will they have more energy to burn than a battery, you’ll also end up having to take them to McMahons Point Dental for some routine teeth cleaning before the cavities settle in.

Give Them Daily Limits

Giving your children daily limits only to eat a certain amount of candy can also be very helpful. For example, you can give them one piece of candy for every ounce they weigh (so a ten-year-old who weighs 100 pounds would get ten pieces of candy). This is so they can learn to follow the rules and keep themselves as healthy as possible.

Give Them Candy Alternatives

Without limiting the amount of candy your children get, it’s better to give them healthy alternatives such as Fruit snacks, Crackers, and other sugar-free snacks. In addition, you can give them some healthier candy such as Airheads, Chocolate bar, Sour Patch Kids, and much more. This will help them not always want candy or stop them from potentially throwing fits.

Taking Away The Candy

If your child is old enough, you can have them help with the candy. You can tell them that they have a certain amount of time to eat it before handing it over to adults so they do not get sick. This will allow your kids to be rewarded for helping because, in return, you will reward them with more candy. Although some kids may not listen and eat too much candy, which is not healthy for them, you can take the candy away from them because this can make them sick and give them cavities.

Rewarding For Good Behavior

If your child listens, for example: if you tell your child not to eat any candy, and they don’t, then you can give them an extra piece of candy the next day. This might make them want to listen more if they are being rewarded with small things. Another reward is if they listen, then you can read a story together or something. That way, your child will want to listen more because this might be their favorite part of the day.

Keeping Candy Away From Your Children

Keep the candy away from your children because they will go after that piece of candy if this does not happen. If you have a problem like this happening at your house, you can make agreements to put the candy up high or in another area where they cannot get it. This might work, but sometimes kids are sneaky and try to sneak a piece when you are not around.