How to Improve Your Organisation Skills at College, University or Work

organisational skills

Being organised is a key skill that is needed for a variety of stages within your life. Most job titles that require you to manage your own workload will warrant the need for good organisation to keep on top of it all. It is especially important if you are learning and need to organise your assignments and revision to achieve the best results possible. Online courses require a great deal of organisation as you have the responsibility to learn in between other commitments and dedicate your time wisely. Here are some tips to improve your organisation skills and perform better in a variety of areas of life.

1. List Down Your Tasks in Order of Priority

One of the best ways to manage your workload and to increase your organisation skills is to list down what tasks you will do first as they require immediate attention. This allows you to ease your mind knowing that the most important things are finished before other, less important tasks.

2. Distribute Your Tasks

To ensure that you do not get overwhelmed, it is important to take one thing at a time and distribute what tasks evenly for each day. If you start working with a huge list and do not give yourself any targets to get to then you will feel disheartened and less productive as you will be overly stressed.

3. Use a Checklist

Once you have completed a task, being able to tick it off the list creates a sense of reward. With rewards, we find ourselves being more productive in order to reach the next task.  This also allows us to see how much progress we have made and ensure that all out tasks for each day are ticked off and completed. This also stops you from starting tasks and not finishing them before you go on to the next. 

4. Have Set Times When You Work

It is particularly important, if you are studying at home, perhaps with an online task, that you designate times for study. This is slightly different if you are in a full-time job where you already have your work hours set. Having times to focus solely on study will allow you to get your work done efficiently and limit the chance of distractions.

5. Have a Space Specifically for Work

Having a specific workplace will boost your organisation skills in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use a pinboard to pin up tasks or key information. You can also use drawers and filing resources to make your space organised and ready for work. Having a space also means you can use post it notes with your tasks on.

6. Reduce Mess

Having a messy environment to work in is far from ideal. It can lead to distractions and a lack of productivity. At the end of the day, make sure you tidy up your desk ready for the next one. If you come into work having to sift through paperwork to find one piece of information, then you will fall behind. Each thing should have a place on your desk, so it is easily accessible, and things do not end up getting lost. Not only does this allow you to save time, but also to feel calm. Messy environments can lead to stress and anxiety.

7. Have a Calendar

Having a calendar in sight is always useful as it can show when certain commitments need to be done by. You can then plan your days accordingly. It also helps you keep track of lectures or meetings to ensure that you do not miss them. This can stop you from feeling overwhelmed and potentially forgetting your planned events. Calendars also help you see the bigger picture, sometimes we tend to become disheartened by the huge amount of work that we have. Being able to see what the aims are for either a business or learning can help us remain productive. Having goals in place are always a good idea. 

8. Do Not Leave It Until the Last Minute

If you want to increase your organisation skills, you do not want to wait until the very last minute to complete work. This will cause stress and does not account for other potential variables such as being ill or other work commitments popping up unexpectantly.


There are many benefits to increasing your organization skills. If you are thinking of progressing into a career such as a structural engineer, business person, or someone who works in human resources, then the organisation is of prime importance. It is a skill that many employers look for. A common question asked at interviews is how you organize your work and what you do to be organized. This is because businesses do not want to employ people who are unorganized and fail to get work done on time. An office or team full of organized people is the ideal outcome for businesses as it will promote their growth.