How to Grill a Steak on a Gas BBQ

Steak on a Gas BBQ

Most of us love spending time with family, friends, lovers, and colleagues. When we think about vacation, holidays, or any other form of quality time, steaks come in handy. Well, as I write this I am getting munchies as I reminiscence the rich taste of steaks but asides that ever wondered how to grill steaks on gas BBQ due to advancements in technology, I know most gas grills have a metal smoker box that sits on a burner. Damp wood chips are added and one can easily control how they smoke their steaks using the knob. The knob allows one to adjust either by burning higher or burning lower. Unluckily, some of possessing gas grills that lack a dedicated smoker box. If this is the case, fret not, you can buy or borrow depending on how loud your pocket is a steel smoker box that will sit on top of your cooking grate. If you want to learn more about gas grills. BBQ Insider website is the right address.

Now that you are aware of gas grills, I will take you right straight to the recipe. First, it is worth noting that leaving a gas grill unattended could have detrimental effects. To prevent fire risk or accidents, you should prepare your supplies on time; the utensils, meat, and seasoning. Having the supplies ready also reduces the hassle of running back and forth fetching them. Once you have them ready, you can now turn your grill on high and get the lid closed. Allow a 20-30 minutes heating period. Whilst heating, get the steaks out and allow warming up to room temperature so that the steaks will cook better. According to research and tests, steaks cook evenly when the meat’s internal temperature is even, to begin with.

Now season the steaks; using a paper towel, pat them dry and then brush on each side of the steak a little olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Ensure your grates are oiled and clean before putting them on steaks.

This is because flames will be jumping up and burning the steak as the fat drips. Now let the steak cook for 2 to 3 minutes and rotate the steak through 45 degrees. Let it cook also for 2 to 3 minutes. This gives your steak sear marks of diamond-shape. Do the same for the other side of the steak. Let the steak rest for some minutes, approximately 5 and then serve.

Remember always to use tongs to turn the steak and do not poke or stab steak using forks or knives while it is cooking. This will preserve the natural juices of the meat. Also do not turn the steaks often because they will cook slowly, Turning meat constantly cools off the grill hence maintenance of steady cooking temperature will be difficult.

There you have it, good citizens, you can now enjoy your steaks with your family, colleagues, lover, or even neighbors. Your steak hassles are over. For beginners, I hopefully wish you have learned how to grill steak on Gas BBQ.