How to Choose Your Polo Boots?

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Boots are an item that, although it can be discreet, never goes unnoticed, that is why selecting the right boots will not only give you comfort and protection, but also an additional element of status and elegance. If we start from the fact that in polo all players must wear boots, then distinguishing themselves may be a bit more complicated but possible.

The key factor in choosing polo boots is the leather in which they are made. A skin that has been properly treated has qualities that are easy to recognize, its uniform texture without visible marks or injuries, its softness that is appropriately balanced with the rigidity necessary to protect and care for our feet and, finally, the finish that the craftsman has wanted to give it. to leather to transform it into polo boots and thus be able to be used.

One of the brands that has a higher level in the manufacture of polo boots is Krono Polo, this brand has not wanted to skimp on details when it comes to launching its line of boots, and that is why we want to recommend this article to When it comes to having to buy polo boots for the first time or in case the ones we already have need to be changed. Krono is an English brand specialized not only in polo boots but also in all kinds of articles for this sport, which is why it would not be appropriate for the brand to have a line of boots that were not designed for polo since its inception.

In total, Krono has three different references of polo boots, one of them comes in sizes, from size 36 to size 45; created in buffalo leather and with properties that allow them to conform to your leg, but without deforming. The flexible leather provides comfort and has the ability to breathe, which regulates the temperature inside the polo boots at all times and allows them to be easy to clean and care for. The reference size for Krono boots is European, take this factor into account when choosing the appropriate size (see reference table). Fact: these boots can also be customized to your choice, whether you want to include some additional element in the manufacturing process of the boot, a plus that gives originality to this article.


On the other hand, those who find polo boots an art rather than a garment, Krono offers the possibility of customizing this article, seeking to offer the highest degree of fit and adherence to your body. Krono custom boots are available in two types of leather, both with unique and superior qualities.

First of all, there are the three-layer polo boots, which are manufactured as their name indicates in three layers of outer leather in cowhide, these Krono Polo boots have a firm and fine grain used mostly for the high-end polo boots. The three-layer polo boots are durable and fit the foot of the polo player or the person who uses them, they are soft and flexible, but with an incredible resistance thanks to the extra skin coverage they have.

Now, polo boots made of Cordovan leather are designed for those who enjoy the luxury of exclusive and durable boots, an element of extreme finesse and elegance that stands out anywhere, this type of leather is extracted from a fibrous and dense cut membrane specifically the hindquarters of the horse, they tend to resist water and their characteristic lustre is unmistakable. Over time it acquires unique characteristics that continue to embellish this article for many more years, a patina that honours the work required for its manufacture.

All Krono polo boots are manufactured in Argentina, a land par excellence that has made the art of leather goods a world reference with highly qualified standards and processes. There, not only the best leathers are obtained, but also artisans who are passionate about leaving their personal and unmistakable stamp on each item. Krono Polo boots need to be ordered in advance in order to take care of every detail at the time of manufacture. Order your polo boots and get ready to take this sport to another level.

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