How to calculate significant figures for math problems


What is a significant figure?

The significant figure is counted for meaningful accuracy or precision. These digits provide the meaningful accuracy required during a calculation while conducting research and solving a mathematical calculation. There are multiple tools to calculate the significant figures but a free online significant figures calculator is considered a best tool among all to produce precision in your measurement. This accuracy can be critical in your final results.

Rules of the significant figures in the mathematical calculation:

There are the following rules that you have to follow when you are calculating the significant figure of a calculation:

  1. The non-Zero figures are always considered to be significant figures
  2. The Zeros between the non-Zero numbers are also significant figures
  3. The leading Zero can never be a significant figure
  4. The trailing Zeros are only significant if the number contains a decimal point.

We have to follow these rules when we are calculating the significant figure for a calculation. We can use the sig fig calculator by to calculate the significant figure for our measurements. 

The importance of the significant figures:

The significant figure can be crucial in the calculation of mathematical problems. It can be crucial for the measurement and implementation of mathematical formulas. When you see a calculation it is normally written by two or three significant figures like 78.32 m/sec, to represent the speed of an object, the big question here is where all the digits after the decimal, we actually have rounded off the remaining figure by the significant figure method. You can calculate the significant figure by using the sig fig calculator, the main thing here, you should know the significant figures.

The method of calculating the significant figure:

If you are trying to round a finger to three significant figures, how you are going to do it, Now take the calculation of the speed for example consider the speed of a car which is 52.236665 m/sec, Now you want to round off the figure to two decimal places, what is the method, now have to see the third figure which is “6”, if the number equal or greater “5” is here. Then you have to add “1” in the second significant figure. This means the figure would become “52.24 m/sec”.  You can use the sig fig counter to calculate the significant figure to the point where you want.

If there is a figure like 51.34125 m/sec, Now see the figure at the third palace of the decimal, in this case, it is “1”, which is less than “5”. Now you add nothing in the second number and the figure becomes 51.34 m/sec. So you are calculating up to two significant figures. As it is time taking process, you can get quick answer by subjecting to our free online sig fig calculator.

How to apply the rules when calculating significant figures:

We have to follow the following rules when calculating the significant figure for numbers having zeroes in their calculations.

  • Now consider the number 52.0003, here there are four significant figures as the preceding 3 coming after three Zeros, we consider all the three zeros are significant, as they are coming before the “3”.
  • For the number 42.02000, there are only two significant numbers after the decimal as after “ the number “2”, there are three Zeros, we will consider them a o-significant number, as they are coming after “2”

As time is money! We should use an online sig figs calculator to obtain more accurate results in a lesser time.


The significant figure is important in the measurements; we calculate them for creating accuracy in our calculation. When increasing the number of significant figures, we are also increasing the accuracy of the result. We can use a free sig fig calculator to determine the volume of significant figures in any number instantly. These tools are helpful for students to calculate the figure accurately.