How to Build a Grocery App With 1 Million Downloads?


In the advent of Coronavirus, when all businesses had to close down during the lockdown, it was the grocery businesses that still continued operations. Groceries are considered essentials and therefore grocery deliveries are essential services. The pandemic is the reason for establishing a new focus on grocery delivery. As a result, a majority of the consumers in most of the countries are purchasing their groceries online. 

The importance of online grocery delivery realized in these difficult times is expected to increase the adoption of grocery delivery apps and lead to a surge in the online grocery market throughout 2020. The online grocery delivery market, therefore, has immense potential and opportunities for businesses to increase their sales and revenue. That said, it is still not late to start a grocery delivery app to make the most of the existing opportunities. 

Now, the first question that is usually asked is how to build a grocery app with 1 million downloads. Therefore, we will be discussing the steps to help build a grocery app and what you can do to increase the downloads. But before that let’s have a look at a few statistics on grocery apps during COVID-19.

Impact of COVID-19 on Grocery Apps:

  • The beginning of April marked the global downloads of grocery apps at 160 million.
  • The downloads of the Amazon app grew by 20% since January.
  • The Instacart app in the US experienced a growing demand and increase in sales by 10 – 20 times.
  • The Walmart grocery app experienced the highest number of downloads at the beginning of April and was ranked 1st on Google Play and 2nd on the App Store.

Steps for building a grocery app:

Here are the steps you can follow to build a grocery app for your business.

  • Decide on a business model: A grocery app is of three types; a grocery delivery app, a grocery ordering app, and a grocery delivery and ordering app. Depending on your business, you can select one of the three. For instance, if you are an aggregator, you should choose the grocery ordering and delivery model, to facilitate your customers to order from your app and the delivery will be made by your own delivery agents.
  • Hire a grocery delivery app development company: The next important step is to hire a grocery delivery app development company that can build the app as per your expectations. Most companies provide white label solutions as well as build apps from scratch. Therefore, as per your budget, you can decide the type of grocery app you need. 

However, you need to analyze each company carefully to select the best one out of a pool of thousands of such companies.

You will also have to discuss your requirements with the company such as the platforms you want the app on, the design, and other integrations. After discussing your requirements, the company will be able to provide you with a development cost.

  • Select features required: The grocery delivery app development company will advise you on the best features as per your budget and requirements. However, if there are certain features you definitely want in your app, you can let the company know. Some important features that must be on a grocery app to maximize your downloads have been listed below.
  • Promote the app: The app development company will develop and design the app and deliver it to you within the given timeframe. Once the app has been delivered, you can launch the app on the app stores for Android and iOS and start promoting the app. This is an important step to gain customers as through promotion you will be creating brand visibility. You can use a mix of social media platforms, off-page and on-page SEO, and paid ads on Google and Facebook to promote your grocery app.

How to increase downloads of your grocery app?

The most essential factor to maximize the downloads of your grocery app is the features integrated within the app. To sustain the competition in the market, you need to have a unique selling point. The unique value proposition can either lie in the features of the app or the offers. To build a grocery app with 1 million downloads, you can use the following features to attract your customers:

  • Multiple payment options to simplify and secure the payment process for customers.
  • Chatbot and customer support assistance to solve customer queries instantly. A happy and satisfied customer is sure to return to your app for future orders.
  • Diversified services to aid customers to order their essential needs from one stop.
  • GPS tracking to enable customers to track their orders.
  • Advanced search with a few filters and app suggestions to help customers search for a product quickly.
  • Same-day delivery should be provided by your app since grocery is an urgent requirement.
  • Rate and Review the delivery agent, the delivery, and the store.

Other factors that need to be considered:

Apart from the advanced features, you should also ensure that the UI/UX of your app is of premium quality for seamless user experience. The additional factors that you must consider are:

  • In-app navigation – Navigating within your grocery app should be an easy and comprehensive process to enable users to complete their grocery shopping. Customers should be able to switch between screens smoothly.
  • Easy sign-up – Various apps don’t allow customers to search for products without a sign-up. Customers would sign-up on your app if your app provides an easy experience, to begin with. Also, the sign-up should provide the option of using Google or Facebook account login as the most basic registration method.
  • Comfortable check-out – Ensure that the screens to check-out are minimal with only important information such as the delivery address, contact number, and name being asked. The check-out process should be secure and easy to ensure the customer completes the order.

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