How to Bounce Back from Old Indonesia Company Shutdown

Old Indonesia Company

Many Indonesians feel they are “floating” lately because many firms couldn’t survive the ongoing pandemic. Their previous employers were forced to shut down because people aren’t able to go out due to lockdown status. Nobody is doing much shopping which means many companies are unable to remain profitable. The most logical thing to do is to simply shut down these firms. However, you can still dream of a new company setup after your employer has shut down.

Why You Should Create a New Company

One good reason to set up an Indonesia entrepreneurial company is to bring in money for yourself. This means building on your talents and the skills that you learned in the old company. It may also mean absorbing new skills to be used in the new company. This is a great adventure for you. And many people, not just you, are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs too, despite the pandemic.

Another good reason for putting up a new company is to hire people who are otherwise on “floating” status as you. You could tap the services of people you’ve worked with at the old company since you know their expertise already. Or you could find other potential staff through social media ads. You may also hire close friends or your relatives if they’re skilled enough. This means they would be working for pay which is good because they have expenses too. Some may even be supporting their families.

Get Help Setting Up Your New Company

Many people have zero experience putting up any business. But that doesn’t mean they should quit their entrepreneurial plans. It just means they need an expert to guide them in unfamiliar waters actually. The service provider should already be familiar with Indonesian business.

So, to put up your own company you may need someone to provide their Indonesia company incorporation services. You may contact 3E Accounting Indonesia if you require that kind of assistance. We may also have the right business services that entrepreneurs like yourself will be needing in this new normal. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can make your entrepreneurial plans come to life amidst this ongoing pandemic.