How to become an AWS certified individual?

Today, with the spread of cloud computing technologies, cloud certificates have become widespread so that system and network administrators can find new job opportunities. Especially since Amazon AWS Partners need to have a certain number of certified engineers, business partners have started to turn to certified personnel.

That’s why AWS certifications will always benefit you, both for your career and personal growth.

Cloud Practitioner, which is a Foundational level certificate for the first time, is a good certification for the entry level and gives general information about cloud architecture.

Associate level certificates then go into the details of AWS services. Solution architect is generally a certification for architecture and design, SysOps Administrator is a form of certification where information about the operation teams is asked, while the developer is mostly asked about software and devops engineers.

After Associate, you can turn to more detailed Professional certifications. These are certificates that can be obtained after the Associate level with more detailed and at least 2-3 years of experience and hard work in the relevant parts. If it is necessary with your job, you can turn to more detailed certificates in certain parts such as network-based or security, which we call Speciality by opting for AWS Training Noida.

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate is the second most sought-after Associate-level certification after the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate. Earning this certification demonstrates that you have expertise in operating and managing solutions, applications, and more that use AWS services.

However, when developing a solution or application, it is often necessary to consider efficient operation and management methods from the beginning, so it is also suitable for those in charge of design and deployment.

Because the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associatecertification is related to actual operations or administration, many say that the exam is surprisingly difficult but by taking help of AWS Training Noida, you can pass this exam without any major difficulty. In particular, if you look at the actual exam questions, you can see that there are many questions asking how to solve technical problems or increase efficiency that may occur in operation rather than asking about the concept or usage of a specific service.

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate exam is intended for individuals with one to two years of experience as a system administrator in a systems operations role.

Recommended AWS knowledge level:

  • Experience in administering/running systems on AWS
  • AWS building blocks – information on architecture for the cloud
  • Knowledge of network technologies in the context of its relationship with AWS
  • Practical experience in implementing security controls and compliance requirements, along with knowledge of security concepts

Recommended general level of IT knowledge:

  • 1-2 years of experience as a system administrator in a systems operations role
  • Knowledge of virtualization technology
  • System monitoring and auditing experience
  • Ability to match architectural requirements with resources

The AWS certification is ideal for those who have a role in operating and managing AWS cloud-based solutions or applications.

Therefore, it is recommended that you gain various experiences by applying actual AWS services directly to your business or personally using them with the help of AWS Training Noida, and directly or indirectly encounter various cases.