How The Professional Year Program Helps in Migration?

Professional Year Program

Australia witnesses an influx of aspiring students every year. Here you can complete your dream course from some of the renowned Australian colleges and universities. Many of the students want to do their dream job after graduating from this nation. The point is these students must move one step further to actualise this dream. Wondering what’s that? The only answer to this question is the completion of a Professional Year Program from Australia. It also lets you attain a Permanent Residency in Australia.

A brief introduction to Professional Year Program

A professional year program is basically an internship session which the learner has to undergo at a particular organization. This internship program will pertain to the sector in which he or she has graduated. A faculty of coaches will assist you in completing this program effectively. They will set a range of objectives for you to attain. Achieving these objectives properly will ensure the successful completion of your Professional Year Program.

Essential Pre-Requisites

At present most of the Australian colleges and universities are offering the PYP only in three consecutive areas. These include Engineering, Accounting and IT. To become eligible to get the additional 5 points there are certain ways in which you must complete your PYP. Some of these pre-requisites can be considered below.

  • You must complete your Professional Year Program at least within a period of 12 months. Additionally, your PYP should be legally granted by an eminent Australian college or university.
  • You must complete your PYP without exceeding a duration of 4 years. This way you can get an invitation from the DoHA to apply for your visa at your ease.
  • The Professional Year Program you have chosen must be relevant to the field you have graduated with.

Statistics say that in 2019, offshore dwellers comprised 30% of the Australian population. So, it’s time for you to add on that number by completing your Professional Year Program successfully.

Compelling Advantages of a Professional Year Program

The Australian job market is indeed quite tough and competitive. So, getting a job out there demands genuine skills and traits from you. Completion of a Professional Year Program can definitely help you do that. It not only makes your migration procedure super easy but also offers you the following advantages.

Better employability

As you already know that the Professional Year Program is offered in three individual sectors at the moment. These include Engineering, IT and Accounting. After completing your PYP, you will get equipped with better knowledge and understanding in your chosen field. This in return will reasonably increase your employability in the Australian job market.

Assurance of Permanent Residency

Completing the Professional Year Program successfully will also add extra 5 points to the total points of your visa. This again gives you the benefit to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia successfully.

Enhanced connectivity

There are many students who excel in their pertinent field like anything after the completion of their PYP. There are several companies who recruit such candidates to upgrade their eminence in the market. This will pave your way for even better job opportunities at relatively more reputed organizations. This implies that a Professional Year Program increases your employment connectivity to a great extent as well.

Graduates in Accounting and IT get a competitive edge

The PYP is a wonderful substitute for students who are unable to complete the 12 months skills assessment program. They can also compensate their missed points due to incompatible experience and age with the extra 5 points.

Accounting Graduates

Some accounting graduates find it quite difficult to obtain a score of 7 in each band of their IELTS test. At times, they fail comply with all the essential requirements of their skills assessment test. Such students can unhesitatingly apply for a professional year program accounting as a more feasible option.

Apprenticeship: A noteworthy benefit

No matter which amongst the three Professional Year Programs you have chosen, it will be comprised of an internship program. These include Accounting Internships Adelaide, engineering and IT internships. This requires you to dedicate a time period of 12 weeks for completing your internship successfully. During this session you will be enlightened with some relevant skills and competencies in your chosen sector. Its greatest benefit is you will become optimally employable in the Australian job market.

PYP acquaints you with a typical Australian work ambience

Different countries comply with different codes of conduct and professional protocol. In this context, Australia cannot be an exception either. Completion of a Professional Year Program introduces you with the quintessential work culture of Australia. It gives you a deep insight about how Australian residents work effectively. Besides, it also familiarises with the ways of adhering to the various Australian professional norms out there.

Apply for a PYP today!

So, what are you waiting for? Get admitted for a PYP today and make your next move to attain a hassle-free migration in Australia.