The Business sector of Australia is changing and uncertain at times. There is no doubt in it that a new course for Energy was always required to meet those changes. The utilization of green energy is not a new term for the people of Australia. But the usage of green energy is also taking modern turns. Under which the more utilized and less invested sources of green energy are preferred by them always. Green energy is the renewable and sustainable forms of energy which do not produce any harm to the environment. Australia is under the top 5 countries for utilizing green energy specifically solar energy on a large scale.To turn the 100 per cent energy consumption to the green/ natural source is the main aim of the entire solar power supplier in the country. These companies solve data and efficiency problems for all the participants who are into green energy. The depth of knowledge and passion for creating outstanding software coupled together made it possible the implementation of solar power units to the largest organizations of Australia. The increasing trend of solar consumption has generated the business of solar panels in perth for all those passionate people who were eager to work under this sector also the job opportunities for skilled workers under this sector have also raised. Any organization working under this green energy distribution needs to have certain traits to remain in this business for long which are as follows: Knowledge, skill and experience. These three things make any solar power organization a successful one.


Energy Estimation: In order to get a residential solar power plant, first of all, you need to identify how much energy you typically spend in a given month. After knowing this it will become very easy to calculate that how big residential solar energy system you need to install in your residential area. 

Solar power & Panels required: Talking about a general assumption on the basis of a national average, it can be estimated that a medium household consumes 11,000 kWh of electricity annually. For such consumption the solar panels are required to be of 250 watt. So on the basis of this we can say that on an average 28-34 panels are required to generate adequate energy for a medium household consumption.

The estimate can be easily calculated keeping this as a reference for the residential power project.