How important is intimacy in a relationship? How can you boost it?

Intimacy can make or break an entire relationship. If you do not feel close to your partner, or cannot feel that sense of closeness emanating from your partner, then you’re likely to end up wanting to call it quits.

If you’ve been feeling as though your relationship lacks intimacy, don’t worry. There are many ways that you can create that sense of closeness with your partner. Regular dates, physical intimacy, and open communication are great ways to help the intimacy between you bloom.

Now, you’re probably wondering why intimacy is even important. There are two main reasons why you must be vigilant about the intimacy in your relationship, and why you must do your best to ensure it’s always at a good level.

1. Intimacy can strengthen the bond between you two

One of the best ways to make your bond even better is by making sure that your emotional connection is strong. A great way to do this is by carving out ten minutes per day just to spend some quality time together.Something as simple as doing a few chores together can be sufficient enough.

If that’s not your cup of tea, then you can always make sure you’re having breakfast together and chatting, even if you have different schedules.

2. Intimacy can help your relationship bloom

Physical intimacy is one of the basic requirements for any relationship. Unless you identify as asexual (or somewhere on that spectrum), you know that it’s difficult for a relationship to thrive without sex and pleasure.

If you have been feeling as though your sex life is starting to wane, don’t worry because there are many things you can do to get things hot and steamy again. You may want to check about cum holy grail guide that can help enhance your sex life.

3. Introduce lube into the bedroom

Sometimes, using water based personal lubricant is all that’s needed to jump-start your dying sex life. This is primarily because most lubricants help with both, oral and penetrative sex. It can help you and your partner explore different things in the bedroom, thereby reviving your physical intimacy.

4. Touch each other often

Physical touch is more powerful than you think. Just the simple act of occasionally running your fingers across your partner’s lower back can help propel that intimacy that’s been missing in your relationship.

5. Bring more romance into your life

Physical intimacy is connected with emotional intimacy. If there is no romance in your relationship, then it’s a bit of a stretch to expect a thriving sex life. Doing simple things like going out on a date or telling your partner that you love them can help boost your sex life quite a bit.

Final Words

There are many ways to bring intimacy in your life – however, the biggest mistake you can make is believing that a lack of intimacy may just mean a lack of love from your partner’s end.

Keep in mind that there are many physical and psychological factors that can impact the way your relationship goes. If the lack of intimacy is disturbing you, then you should speak to a couple’s therapist.

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