How Effective Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety?

Mental issues are widespread in the current era since our life is filled with expectations, pressure, and stress. In such a situation, there are only a few moments where our mind feels relaxed, leading to a wide array of brain-related issues like anxiety. 

With time, mental issues are only increasing as, by the end of 2017, more than 284 million people were dealing with anxiety. People suffering from anxiety have to deal with symptoms like agitation and restlessness, and the symptoms keep on getting severe with time. 

But you don’t need to worry as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) proves effective against anxiety. So, let’s understand more about this unique therapy and see how it is helping in cases of anxiety. 

What is CBT?

This therapy is a mix of cognitive and behavioral interventions guided by the main principles of applied science. The main objective of using this unique therapy is to suppress maladaptive behavior and promote adaptive behavior by altering its consequences with the help of individual behavioral learning that results in new learning. 

With the help of CBT, one can modify self-statement, beliefs, and even maladaptive cognitions. All over the world, CBT is considered a standard treatment procedure for treating every type of CBT in all age groups. 

So, if you are suffering from anxiety and don’t want to become utterly dependent on prescribed medicine, search for cognitive therapy near me and choose the best facility providing such services. 

Studies proving the effectiveness of CBT

Many tests and studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of CBT in case of anxiety, and almost all of them have shown promising results. There are even various types of meta-analyses conducted for analyzing the effects of CBT on anxiety. 

In the case of meta-analysis, the effectiveness of the treatment is analyzed in terms of the effect size, and the effect size represents the magnitude of the effects observed in a unit used for standard measurement. But you must understand that a long list of effect sizes can be used for supporting the evidence obtained. 

In most meta-analytic reviews, experts have found a bigger effect size for many of the studies conducted during the test. In addition to this, various reviews conducted recently have summarized the entire result of the meta-analyses of CBT. All of them have shown positive effects of CBT on anxiety. 

CBT is highly effective in case of anxiety

So, we can say that if a person is dealing with anxiety, then searching for ‘cognitive therapy near me will be the best option for him. You might suppress anxiety symptoms by relying on prescribed medicines, but this will not give you a permanent solution to anxiety. 

Although different practitioners use a different approach for CBT, it mainly focuses on stopping the negative cycle by breaking down what makes a person feel bad, scared, and anxious. So, by making the problems more manageable, the therapist helps the person suffering from anxiety change the negative thought pattern.  

In most cases, it has been seen that CBT root out anxiety, and there are minimum chances that anxiety symptoms will ever appear in the future. 

Anxiety is one of those ailments that should never be overlooked. With time, the symptoms related to anxiety will only get severe and might even become a part of your behavior. So, search for cognitive therapy near me and start your CBT sessions as soon as possible. Silver Lake Psychology offers top-class psychological services & different therapy sessions.