How E-commerce has Affected how you can Decorate


The internet and e-commerce have combined to make a huge impact on every sector of life and the design and decorating sectors are no different. There are now global trends that can be implemented anywhere that a delivery courier can get to. This article looks at some of the trends for 2022 and then provides a discussion on how ecommerce will allow you to have the design elements that you want, regardless of where they are sold.

Interior and exterior decorating and design trends for 2022

Based on a condensation of the modern trends across several platforms, blogs and websites the following will trend in design over the next 12 months. The idea is to find what works for you and to try to include it in your current design. If you’re doing a renovation, then that’s the perfect time to get as many of these into the project as you want and feel that the property needs.

Coating and not painting

The main idea is to start using ‘paint with purpose’ (coatings) on the inside as well as the outside of the home. The two main areas targeted for the use of wall and floor coatings have been the bathroom and the exterior of the home where water shedding and waterproofing respectively are required. Coatings will come in pretty much most colors and the beauty of the right coating is that it will last longer than paint, is more durable and the color seldom fades.

Neutral colors inside

Striking feature walls, maximalist patterns and wall colors are not expected to grace the pages of the top design magazines and websites. The trend is to be more neutral and measured. From kitchen tiles to fireplaces, variations on a neutral theme with soft hints of color is something that many design writers say will create a calmer, more relaxed, slower feel within the home. It’s what most homeowners want from their private spaces and using color to do this, or a lack of it, has proven to work.

Rounded shapes

Soft shapes and no edges are the way forward for furniture and fittings. From lights to coffee tables, 2022 will see a lot more feminine forms in design and these will find their way into your living spaces. Embrace this idea and you’ll be surprised at the kitchen utensils and accessories, like kettles, coffee machines and bread bins, that have taken it on board and are now available with a lot more curves.

Same floors throughout

This trend started with the lavish loft spaces where the same floor throughout premise was generally in a colored industrial polished concrete. It has been growing in popularity and the concept has now firmly spread into our homes. The idea is clear; it’s about opening up living spaces within the same floor, whether it’s using polished concrete or Italian marble tiling. Choose what you like and what works in your home, and then do it everywhere.

Home Gardening

From pot plants to full on horticultural masterpieces. More people are gardening than ever before and its proving to be an ongoing growing hobby. More living spaces will also be adorned with plants and an increased number of people will grow their own vegetables.

E-commerce and online shopping provide access

Some of the aforementioned design choices and trends may have seemed quite tricky and difficult to implement or even imitate at all a few years ago. Buying tiles and flooring or furniture had to be done locally. Not only were the transport and logistic costs ridiculously high but being able to shop at the best suppliers may have required an actual shopping trip. However, with the nature of change from the internet and online shopping, all of these design trends (and more) can quite easily be implemented.

There is an increased access to information and specific user guides available online, as well as any of the aforementioned products or design accessories.

Online shopping has changed how you are able to plan your home renovations and you can now order top of the range Italian kitchen tiles Leeds or specific cladding timber directly from the source. It’s a buyers’ market and anything, within reason, will go. You must first be able to select which of the improvements you want to make and then you can look for where you can access these supplies.

The internet is indeed a web of information and advice and it is important to not get tangled up in the vast number of choices and options. The process should be as follows:-

  • After determining what you want to include in your design
  • Use the latest online design software to see what the idea or color will look like in your space
  • Search for the materials or products online
  • Check reviews of the store or producer, ensuring that you know what others think about delivery, service after-care and the durability of the product.
  • Order and track your products and/or materials
  • Check upon delivery, confirm items
  • Install or begin a similar process to find a contractor who can

Internet shopping and e-commerce has changed the world and the manner in which we all live. It was only inevitable that these changes would filter down to the design and home improvement industry. International design trends that you follow or would like to follow using the genuine materials can now be done and followed through with.