How Do Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Differ?

If you are someone outside the recruitment industry or unaware of the HR section of an organization, you would perhaps think Talent Acquisition and Recruitment are synonymous. However, if you are aware of the best recruiting practices, you would definitely want to differentiate between the two. 

How do recruitment and talent acquisition differ from one another? One common and best way to understand the two different hiring options would be to see them as short term and long term strategies. Both can be used based on your individual requirements and immediate needs you may have. 

Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition – How to differentiate? 

Recruitment is all about filling your vacancies. When you have job openings in your organization that do not need special skills, you can resort to the recruitment process. Talent acquisition can be something you would focus on when finding the specialists and leaders in your company. 

When you look at the talent acquisition options in your organization, you need to plan your strategy at least three to six months in advance. Tech and leadership positions need a minimum of six months or even longer to fill. However, there are situations where you would find that the lack of filling the positions is affecting your organizational structure and important client handling. In such situations, you will need to opt for recruitment for those positions and then move ahead to employ the right people through talent acquisition. 

It should be your responsibility to find which positions need a long term approach of talent acquisition and which others can be filled through the recruitment process. Choosing a capable applicant tracking system should help you achieve that. 

Should you go with Recruitment or opt for Talent Acquisition? 

Well, that should be something dependent on the actual position and the skill levels that it requires. There are a few key positions that need an extra degree of skill sets and thus would be best suited to go with the talent acquisition strategy. Some good examples of positions that require Talent Acquisition strategies can include tech skills, niche markets, leadership roles and similar other positions would be best filled with the use of Talent Acquisition method than depending on the short term goals. 

In case you are looking for a faster growth prospect for your organization, it is recommended to opt for a talent acquisition route. The IT and tech fields are known to have a huge list of needs for a greater deal of stronger talent acquisition strategy. One of the best aspects you would want to opt for if you are checking out the best options in talent acquisition would be to go with a powerful talent acquisition software such as Greenhouse talent acquisition which would help you achieve the best possible experience. 

How to plan a talent acquisition strategy? 

A few tips to get organized when planning to use Talent Acquisition can include employing a few of the key factors – 

Improve your employer brand image 

You would want to be a company that people will look up to. In essence, an enhanced brand image or employer image can be one of the excellent options for opting for the passive candidates. The best way to achieve that would be to improve your website and focus on your social profiles. This can be one of the excellent options to enhance your target audience. 

Organize yourself

If you are a large organization and looking to keep track of all the positions you are filling. It may be a little difficult to do without the use of the best tools for the purpose. Using capable tools can essentially go a long way in promoting your efficiency in handling it well. Good talent acquisition software can go a long way in helping you achieve that. 

Source the talent 

Locate the best networks and community forums to find the best talent possible. LinkedIn Groups can be one of the right tools for the purpose. If it is about marketing positions, Twitter can perhaps be a great choice. Facebook is a ubiquitous option for almost all the needs. Building relationships with the right tools can indeed go a long way. 

Well, recruitment is one of the prime options for filling the immediate vacancies. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, is a prime option for long term strategy for filling up the vacancies that need to be effective and productive. Choosing the right options would help you achieve the best results.