How Different Phases Of Siblings’ Relationships Grow Stronger With Time?

Rakhi Festival is one of the main occasions in India to celebrate the sacred relationship between brothers and sisters. This festival is not only to tie the rakhi thread on the wrists of the brothers but also to express their love and affection for each other. The relationship between siblings is one of the best in the world. It has been proved several times that the connection between these two people is pure, and one of them is the Raksha Bandhan.

Your brother fights with you as if you are his worst enemy, but he loves you unconditionally. Also, your sister always eats your last piece of chocolate, but every year in Raksha Bandhan, she will give you chocolates and other rakhi gifts. This is the equation shared by brothers and sisters. On this auspicious day, they all promise to protect and save them from pain. But the most exciting thing is that the relationship between siblings has gone through beautiful stages, which are worth remembering. So below is the list of different stages.


Welcome Little Guy

The first stage between the two of you is to welcome each other when you enter this world. The arrival of a baby is usually regarded as a new feeling only for the mother. But this is not the case. The arrival of new members is so exciting for all members, especially for brothers, if the newborn is a sister, and vice versa. Therefore, the first stage is very fascinating for them, because they have all experienced each other’s coming into this world, and their feelings for each other are getting stronger day by day.


It’s a bit messy

Plow the garden, attack the kitchen, or paint the entire house with a “not too coordinated” color scheme. This is when his antics make his parents have nightmares. But is there any way? They are accomplices in crime!



This is the age when the childhood battle of “getting your favorite toy” turned into stealing clothes or grabbing your favorite pen. This is also the time when brothers and sisters begin to become emotional support and inspiration for others. Well, if the siblings are better in academics or sports or any other skills, then comparisons are drawn. This comparison becomes more prominent when one of them performs better than the other. This may lead to many series of fights between the two, but again, they also start to get to know each other better. Together they worked out a strategy to deal with cruel relatives; they planned to spend the summer as much as possible; they also experienced each other’s shortcomings and strengths.


Mutual Hatred

After supporting each other, it is the stage where an older brother and a pair of sisters begin to separate. Because of their different needs, preferences, and lifestyles, they just don’t want to be disturbed by each other. However, since this is likely to happen, they began to hate each other.


Being Together

Because they can now understand each other better, they have become inseparable. They realize that they are each other’s best friends. They go to the movies and drink coffee together. They can sincerely talk about what happened in their lives, which keeps them inseparable.

So these are the stages in the lives of brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, life would not be the same without brothers and sisters. So, explore some unique rakhi celebration ideas for this year’s rakhi celebration, and thank your brothers and sisters for making your life better.