How Can You Handle a Burst Pipe & Minimize the Damage Caused

Burst Pipe

Repairing a burst pipe is by far the most costly maintenance issue that any property owner faces. An unanticipatedburst pipe could suddenly flood the entire kitchen, bathroom or building quickly, and the situation gets accelerated and out of control, incurring costs of thousands of dollars in damage. It is important to have a quick and accurate response from clambers to help you resolve the issue and salvage’s causation of any damage to the property without paying out of pocket.

Steps that one should take ahead of time

Suppose you own property in an area that experiences significant cold weather. In that case, you may want to be aware of the season maintenance task that can help you prepare to keep your property safe during such weather conditions each year around. In order to winterise your Pipes to ensure that they don’t freeze or burst as the temperature drops in the water freezes, there are certain actions that you need to take to insulate your pipes.

Here are some of the things that you need to focus on doing ahead of time:

  • Insulate every exposed pipe
  • Detach your garden hoses
  • Cover up outdoor faucet

If you are faced with extremely cold weather conditions, you may want to leave a dripping faucet bit by bit of water or even open cabinet doors in order to ensure that your pipes don’t burst.

No matter how well-prepared you might be, there are cases where accidents in emergencies may still occur. In such a case, it would be wise for you to set up a savings account specifically for your property that you may be able to fund any rainy day expenses. The truth is all facilities/properties will, regardless of their age, location or condition, need some form of an emergency repair. So best we prepared.

Steps that one should take for burst pipes

If you go by statistics and history, you may know that the second most common insurance claims in almost all different Countries or to deal with frozen pipes. As the water freezes, it continues to expand, and this creates pressure in the pipe, which causes the pipe to burst eventually. This is what happens toburst water main pipes and other outdoor pipes. As this happens, there’s a massive leak that allows water to flow from the pipe and enter your home, causing much damage. However, if the pipe is burst, you need to mitigate the damage to the property and the repair cost.

  • Ensure to shut off the main water supply in order to minimise the flooding, which typically plays the most expensive damage to the property.
  • Once the water supply to the entire house is shut off, ensure that you identify the entire area impacted by the leak and remove as much water as possible using maps, sponges, towels, shop to vacuum or dry vacuum or wet vacuum.
  • In order to prevent any long-term damage caused by the buildup of moisture in these flooded areas, put on a dehumidifier or fan in the affected areas.
  • Specifically, contact a licensed plumber and ensure that the pipe is correctly repaired before you begin running the water pipes again at home.

After you contain the flooding, reach out to your plumber for any drain plumbing as well as repairing burst pipes.