How are Cartoons Different From Anime – 5 Major Contrasts You Need to Know

Cartoons Different From Anime
Cartoons Different From Anime

Although most people think of cartoons and anime as the same thing, there are certain distinctions between them that set them apart from one another.

At the most basic level, both are a form of entertainment where photographed drawings are projected in an incredibly fast sequence that makes them look as if the movement is happening in real-time.

But still, both cartoons and anime have different origins and certain features that set them apart from one another. 

In this article, we are going to explore five major contrasts between cartoons and anime that set them apart from one another.  

  1. Drawing Style 

Cartoons don’t necessarily have to be animated. Anime is a manga series that is animated. Whereas the cartoons can only be drawn or animated as well. 

Anime is mostly based on manga. You can read manga for an anime on mangastream alternatives if you want to.

The drawing style of cartoons involves the drawing of 2D characters and places. Cartoons are generally non or semi-realistic most of the time. This is another difference between cartoons and anime as anime character designs are generally close to the human anatomy.   

  1. Cartoons are Mostly Comedy

Over 90% of the cartoon shows are comical. There are certain cartoon shows that are serious, but even they have elements of comedy. 

With anime, there is a bigger range of genres as compared with cartoons. For example, you can find purely comedy anime or purely action, as per your preference. 

The comical nature of cartoons dates back to the very first time when they first became publicly popular. 

But over the years, cartoon shows have evolved a lot to add deeper topics into their storyline. 

  1. Cartoons have Variable Runtime

There is no limit to the length of cartoon shows. Some shows run for 5 to 10 minutes whereas some are way longer than that. 

The anime also has variable runtime but most of the anime that are weekly released, are generally 20 to 22 minutes long. 

This is one of the major distinctions between cartoons and anime and is one of the things that sets them apart from one another. 

For example, you will find cartoons with variable runtime on Kimcartoon. You can choose to watch the cartoon here, as per your preference. 

Although anime movies are longer, the weekly released updates are about 20 to 23 minutes in length.   

  1. Cartoons are Mostly for Kids

The targeted audience for cartoons is generally kids or teenagers. Although there are some Comic Book based cartoons that are equally popular in adults, most of them are still just for kids. 

The anime is more versatile and because they contain complicated themes and stories, even older people can watch them. 

Shows like Attack on Titan and One Piece are excellent examples of that. These shows have complicated stories that would be quite hard for kids to understand. 

Cartoons are mostly comical, so it makes sense for kids to understand them better. 

  1. Cartoons Have Simpler Storylines 

Cartoons don’t feature a lot of dark, complicated, or hard-to-understand storylines and themes. An average cartoon show is made for comedic purposes and is great for only that. 

The anime shows cover a deeper range of topics and they are well-known to have complicated storylines. 

So, if you prefer watching simple stories for light fun and entertainment, then cartoons would be the way to go for. 

Again, there can be some cartoons that are intense, but most of the shows are not overly complicated on average. 

Cartoons such as The Justice League and the Avatar: The Last Airbender are some of the exceptions with complicated storylines.  

Final Words

Both anime and cartoons have their own place in the entertainment industry. Although the world is just getting to know about anime, they are becoming just as popular as cartoons. You can learn more about the popular anime at Past News, along with the website recommendations to watch cartoons and anime in HD quality. 

So, this is it! Keep in mind the differences between cartoons and anime that we have talked about here for future references.