Here’s What Your Should Do To Improve Your Search Rankings

Search Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the one topic that you need to learn when it comes to getting your website or blog ranked on Google. Having a good On-Page SEO Checklist for New Websites is mandatory when it comes to ticking off important points. With Google ruling the internet nest, it makes absolute sense to optimize your website so that you have the best chance of winning the visibility war when it comes to your competitors. 

Keep your URLs short

Search engines prefer URLs that are readable for humans, so keep yours clean and relevant to the page. Avoid blocks of numbers and special characters. Shorter URLs perform better in Google search rankings than longer ones, so keep that in mind when you architect your site.

Be Mobile Friendly

Google first announced that it would be using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This led to the infamous Mobilegeddon, which led to brands scrambling to optimize the mobile versions of their sites. Since then, Google has been gradually increasing the importance of mobile friendliness in its rankings — in a more recent announcement, it said it will index the entire web with a mobile-first model by September 2020.

Create Great Content

We know that Content truly is King and while you need to ensure that you craft relevant content, you also need to have a great facility like a good comment box, which will improve the aspects of social proof and interactions and well. Facts like social proof and also credibility are factors that need to be seriously taken into account when having a commenting system. 

Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to the practice of trying to trick search engines into giving you higher rankings by using unethical tactics, such as buying links. The risk is just too great. Even if you enjoy a temporary boost in rankings due to black hat tactics, it’s likely to be short lived. One example of this technique would be keyword stuffing where you identify a keyword and use a very high keyword density to gain a rank. 

Link building Is Important

Link building is an overall term for the practice of acquiring new links to your site from external domains. Beyond creating great content people want to share, guest blogging and asking webmasters from authoritative sites relevant to your business to link back to your pages are great ways to build links. The higher the domain authority of the site you receive backlinks from, the more your ranking will increase. These sites, in effect, pass authority from their site to yours through those backlinks.

All in all, remember that SEO is a function that you need to seriously consider when it comes to getting ranked on Google. It’s a forever-ending process, and you need to make sure that you stay on top of the SEO game. The only key to this is knowledge and practice. Following some of the most credible names in SEO like Neil Patel would be some great advice.