All You Need to Know About – Henna Rituals and Modern clothing in 2021

Henna Rituals and Modern clothing

For moms, yellow will be especially boring these days, or “Yellow and not green for the henna ceremony, buy something new.” These are the phrases that you often hear around you these days when you buy henna costumes. There was a time when no color other than yellow was chosen for mothers, but now the combination of other colors in this color has made the ritual of the henna ceremony very impressive.

The ritual of simply preparing the bride for the henna ritual was a thing of the past. Nowadays, brides are very fond of their henna. In addition to yellow, she wears beautiful dresses made with orange, red, green and even pink. Similarly, in bridal make-up, patch, pink and rose orange shades are part of the lipstick trend, while for eye make-up, matte color is being used with shimmer. , Which every girl desires and worries about what to wear and how to apply makeup, then the following ideas can make your henna ceremony more memorable.

Frocks in different colors and florals Artificial Jewelry

When it comes to oriental costumes, churidar pyjama and frock are of special importance. The wide pyjamas and anklet ring give a unique look. Different colors are chosen for the frock instead of a single color. Designers usually choose floral prints or floral style embroidery for the bottom of such frocks. While this frock will reflect your culture, it will also reflect your delicate personality. Members of a family where a wedding is happening should not go individually to buy jewels. They can collectively shop from fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers as everyone is with the same purpose.

Short frock with Kundan Jewelry

The fashion of short frocks is very popular nowadays. All the leading fashion designers of the country are making stylish style short frocks. Just as you may have opted for short frocks for summer outfits, you can also opt for short frocks for henna dresses. Made with edges, for which silk paints are usually chosen. Short frocks in peplum style or with pencil trousers or tulip shalwar, can be the perfect henna look for you. However, when buying such clothes, keep in mind your color and size so that you can choose the right clothes.

Short shirt and skirt

Lehengas are becoming the choice of brides not only for the Barat but also for the function of the mother’s henna. The shirts are decorated with lace-up shirts and a variety of stripes on the hem and the hem of their garments. Are

Green embroidered skirt and shalwar

Yes, because no, the function of embroidered shalwars and shirts is back. Fashion designers choose shalwar kameez as a traditional dress for brides. Loose-fitting and beautiful green embroidered kurtas and golden embroidered shalwars add henna to any bridal outfit. Such a combination of dress can be chosen not only by the bride but also by her sisters and friends as the henna dress.

Beautiful women’s maxi or gown

Fashion-loving women consider maxi to be a must for clothing. Its beauty in ceremonies gives a unique style to the wearer. Choosing a maxi or dress war gown for a mother’s party is enough to make your personality stand out. Pistachio color is very popular among women for women’s gowns. The heavily embroidered chiffon gown gives a unique look to the bridesmaids.

Floral gown

Floral print or floral embroidery is a popular trend this year. Apart from wedding dresses, the 3D flower technique is also being used in making henna dresses. The stonework is also being done on these garments. The fashion of chiffon, arkandy and floral embroidery on tissue is also in them. If you want, you can easily choose a floral dress for your henna dress. The floral print will look great with all kinds of colors, including yellow and orange.

Long shirt and garland

Gargling style with a long shirt can be a perfect mother’s look. If you are looking for a beautiful colored dress for moms instead of multi colors, think about gargling. This style suits more than one color rather than multicolor.

The henna ceremony, which spreads beauty, glamor, charm and floral fragrance in its way, is the voice of the heart of every girl who becomes a bride. That is why she considers these ceremonies as one of the most beautiful moments of her life and wants this ritual not to be missed in any way. Then you too can choose one of these beautiful stylish outfits for yourself and Make this ritual memorable.