Heated Seat Covers: Best Addition for your Truck

Camo truck seat covers

A vehicle is only as comfortable as it is warm. When it comes to regulating the heat in your vehicle, it is usually a slow and gradual process. More so if you drive a classic model which is not equipped with a heating system. If you own one of these, having a reliable heating car seat cover is paramount. These are economical and simple way to solve your heating problem. Moreover, a heated seat cover functions to protect your original upholstery from spills, dirt and grime as well as against wear and tear. Since there are plenty of options to choose from, I’ve put together two of the best in this guide.

Camo Truck Seat Covers

Camo truck seat covers keep you warm and toasty in the cold winter weather. Available in a variety of colours and camo design, these truck seat covers are suitable for the outdoorsy type. Additionally, a hand-held temperature controller enables you to personally adjust the heat setting. Their superior performance is due to a combined technology and intelligent design of carbon fibre heating elements. Their heating process takes a mere 60 seconds, which is quite fast compared to your in-built truck heater.

Neoprene Seat Covers

Heated neoprene seat covers are not just a fad when maintaining and protecting your interior upholstery. Neoprene is also a very durable and nearly indestructible material. Seat covers made from this material tend to make truck owners’ life easier in terms of scheduling maintenance. Moreover, neoprene being the material that makes scuba suits is ideal for temperature regulation. The car seat cover is naturally a heat retainer and is further equipped with heating fibres.

Benefits of Heated Car Seat Covers

  • An additional and fast-acting heat source

No one like their teeth chattering and muscles constricting due to the biting cold. Considering this makes it hard to focus and drive efficiently. A quality heated car seat heats you much quicker than the inbuilt car heating system. It is also efficient if you have to drive shorter distances where your inbuilt heater takes time to warm up.

  • Protects your interior upholstery

The constant motion in and out of your vehicle wears down your car seats eventually tearing them. Additionally, constant spills and dirt accumulation makes them unsightly. Thus, a durable heated seat cover will prolong your seat’s lifespan and also protect against spills and dirt.

  • Adds a unique look to your ride

If you’re always a fan of uniqueness, having a badass set of car seat covers will make you stand out. These seat covers come in a variety of designs and colours personalizing your vehicle’s appearance.

·         Lower Back Support

Most car seat covers come imbued with lumbar support which keeps your spine correctly aligned.

  • Relax your muscles

It is no surprise that some heated car seats double up as massage seats. These are fitted with soft gel-like balls or vibrating bits to alleviate muscle tension. Moreover, this keeps you comfortable as you drive.

Heated car seat covers are a wonderful thing to have, especially in cold weather. The in-built heating system will require the engine can heat the cabin air, which essentially takes time. Electrically heated car seat covers straight-up warm your chilly seats in a matter of seconds. Are you thinking of installing heated car seat covers in your truck? Let us know so we may help you out.