Hair Straightener Buying Guide

  We all have different choices in style, products, and other things. Some women have curly hair but they like straight hair and some have straight hair but they like curly hair.In the past, to get straight hair people used fire pots for heat to straighten them, but now, we have hair straighteners.Before using or buying a hair straightener you should have some knowledge about the product. Magic sleek is the product that is used for straight and styling the hairs .

You have to find out which hair straightener is more suitable for your hair type, and also your budget.Keeping these factors in mind, I wrote this Hair straightener buying guide to provide you with all the answers. And I understand that there are a lot of products that are available in the market, So, I will also give you a step by step guide for selecting the right product. I have also written hair straightener reviews to help answer questions like, how to choose a hair straightener. You can read these hair straightener reviews here.

1. Budget For Hair Straightener  

In the market, you can find products in any budget range so that’s why you should decide your budget limit to invest in the perfect product. You can buy a low-budget hair straightener for personal use but if you are going to use it for business purposes, such as salon usage, then I recommend that you should invest more money in it to buy the most durable and quality product and buy from good hair straightener brands. For your convenience, I have created this informative price table with budget and hair type and hair straightener plates details:

  2. Choose Plate Material of Hair Straightener

Read on to find out, ‘Which Straightener plates are best for your hair type?’. We’ll be talking about quite a few in this hair straightener guide


Ceramic plate hair straighteners are more economical and budget-friendly. Good hair straighteners with ceramic plates are classic, simple, and provide you a more reliable result. This kind of hair straightener is the most sold product on the market. The main advantage of ceramic plates is that it distributes heat evenly within the whole plate, so every single hair gets equivalent heat. Also, Ceramic plates are corrosion-free and durableCeramic is not a pure metal, its thermal conductivity is lower than metals and it produces less heat, so it will not damage your hair. For thin hair, ceramic plate hair straighteners are the best because even after switching off ceramic plates they retain heat. So, you can use the warmth from these plates to make your hair thin and stylish without any damage.  But When you are using it, be careful because if It drops from your hand, it might break.


Tourmaline plate hair straightener is better for curly and frizzy hair because it’s highly effective at cold temperatures.Most hair straighteners plates are only based on a single material, but this one comes with a mixture of metal and iron. Tourmaline plates are also called Ionic plates.Tourmaline plates are ceramic coated with gemstone, and it is present in different parts of the plates. After receiving electricity the Tourmaline in this plate losses the positive ions, and the plate becomes negatively charged. When the machine comes in contact with your hair positive ions which means frizzy hair, it becomes neutral and turns your hair straight.


These hair straighteners are the best type of hair straightener for salon usage because they can work on any type of hair. You just need to change the temperature and adjust it according to the hair type. For personal use, I strongly recommend that women with thick hair should buy them if they have enough budget.Titanium is a better conductor than ceramic and tourmaline. So, These plates heat up quickly. (It takes less than 30 seconds). Also, Titanium plates are more durable and corrosion-free. But you have to be careful about intense heat because it can get hot quickly. There is a higher possibility of damaging your hair with these types of hair straighteners.


Aluminum plate hair straighteners are extremely old. This one provides direct heat to your hair. If your hair is thin, then you should not use this type of machine because it will make your hair brittle. Moreover, aluminum plates take a long time to heat up. That’s why these products are sold less in the market.


Regular hair straighteners and wet to dry hair straighteners are not much different and they also look very similar. However, they are different in functionality, Wet to dry hair straighteners make your hair dry while you are straightening them.The steam technology is an extra feature of wet to dry hair straighteners. But I recommend buying the best quality hair straightener to avoid the undesired consequences. There is a higher chance of burning your hair with common hairdryers, or with high hair straightener temperatures. So, always dry your hair to around 80% before using a wet to dry hair straightener.The magic sleek is free from formaldehyde and it does not contain harsh chemicals . And majeik sleek is the best option for hair straightening.  

 3. Select Size Of Plate

The size or width of the hair straightener plate varies from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches. But you’ve got to settle on the plate width that is consistent with your hair type and hair length. If you’re wondering what kind of hair straightener should I buy? Pay extra attention to this section. So, for your convenience I have created tables with all the relevant information on plate width and hair length:If your hair is short then you should buy a hair straightener with short plate length, so you can easily make it stylish. But if your hair is longer then you should opt for a machine with long plates for fast straightening. These are the best hair straighteners with the plate sizes to buy.

4. Temperature Guide

After selecting the plate material and plate size you’ve got to consider the temperature feature of your product. Most good hair straighteners and machines will allow you to set the temperature according to your hair type but some cheaper hair straighteners do not have this feature.

 5. Weight And Grip

The weight factor is equally important for hair straighteners. Some products have more weight, and some are very lightweight.If you are buying it for your personal use, then you need not worry about weight because you will not use it for long intervals. But if you want to use it in a salon then make sure the weight of your product is normal, so you don’t end up straining your arm after straightening the hair of multiple customers. The weight of a small machine should be between 0.5 kg to 1 kg, and for a big machine, the weight should be between 1 kg to 1.5 kg.Weight aside, You should also consider the grip of the machine because if you can not hold it properly then it might not work perfectly. If you have small hands then you should buy a small machine or machine with a smaller handle.


Heat up time means the time it takes for the plates to heat up to your desired temperature. An expensive titanium plate hair straightener takes less than 30 seconds to heat up plates because of better thermal conductivity. However, old products with aluminum plates take a long time to heat up. The Ceramic and a Tourmaline plate hair straighteners take less than a minute.


Being able to adjust the heat level to precise temperatures can be helpful because not all temperatures will suit your hair type, hair care regime, or the effect you are trying to achieve.

High temperatures will result in rapid and effective straightening of hair but may cause heat damage overtime for regular users. Likewise, lower temperatures are more suitable for thin, delicate, or damaged hair, but will still straighten your hair.


You will find this feature in all the latest electronic products. This is a feature that every single straightener should have, but there are some that lack it.Auto shut-off allows you to use your iron worry-free, and if you forget to turn it off before you leave the house or salon, it will simply deactivate all on its own, which is great for overheating prevention.


One of the most important things about hair straighteners is heat distribution, even professional models. Sensor technology automatically provides even heat distribution throughout the whole plate. Improper heat distribution can damage your hair.

 6. Choose Your Style And Brand

This is the final thing to choose at the time of buying a straightener of your choice. Choose the right color and design of hair straightener and Select a sleek design that attracts your customers in the salon or makes your dressing table look cool.If you want to buy a local product then brands do not matter, but in the professional market brands always matter. There are many famous brands like