Green Living on a Budget

You can be kind to the planet and feel good without breaking the bank. All you need is the right mindset. As long as you approach this topic in a creative manner, you will soon realize that this lifestyle makes everyone better off and it does not have to cost a thing.

Reasons You Should Go Green

Going green is more than eating organic and recycling. It is a mindset that will make you more independent and healthier as you’re about to take your life into your own hands.

Save money

An energy efficient lifestyle can save you money on your monthly Eversource bill. US Environmental Protection Agency claims that you can save 20% from your electricity bill by making green changes as simple as installing a LED light bulb.

Preserve the environment

Throughout humanity, we have been working to destroy land, both for personal and commercial purposes. By going green, you won’t be removing trees to build a house, but you will be using trees to breathe better air and enjoy the shade they provide.

Increase the value of your home

An eco-friendly home is more valuable than a non-eco-friendly one. Future owners know that they will be paying lower utility bills and that they are getting a more durable home.

Improve your health

A green lifestyle protects and nurtures your health by reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals in food and cosmetics. It will also contribute to you breathing cleaner air and everyone knows how damaging to one’s health poor air quality can be.

Green Living on a Budget

Going green means adopting a critical mindset that will make you immune to selling tricks that aim to manipulate you.

Buy less, buy better

Our society is built upon a consumer culture. Do your best to resist temptation and weigh between needs and wants so you buy only what you truly need. Just as important is to read beyond labels as corporations will go to great lengths to communicate their products are eco-friendly.

Buy used

Second-hand markets are making a comeback. All you have to do is be patient as buying what you need at 50-70% of original price will be worth it. These days, there is even a second-hand market for luxury goods. Think of it this way, besides paying less, you also get an additional assurance as you have proof that the good in question has withstood the test of time.


If you don’t know how to do something, Google is always there for you. You can make delicious meals with the help of free recipes and YouTube tutorials. You can make your own detergent and softener. Lip balms, yogurt, home accessories, the DIY repertoire is endless.


To increase your chances of success, try it during the warmer months. Composting is a simple way to make your home more energy-friendly and reduce waste by reusing it. All you have to gather grass clippings, leaves, shredded paper, leftover produce and coffee grounds and pile them in a container. You’ll want to keep your compost damp and regularly turn the pile to ensure the process is underway.

Let there be energy-friendly light

Lighting can require quite a bit of energy. The Department of Energy states that changing your five most-used lights from regular light bulbs to ENERGY STAR models could save you $45 per year. You should also make sure that you use as much natural lighting as possible and use the help of mirrors and bright colors to widen it throughout your home.

Get native plants

When landscaping your yard, invest in native plants that require less water, fertilizers and pesticides as they were made to suit your climate in the first place. Ask an expert to ensure you invest in plants that will thrive with little or no help.

Takeaway – Green living will change your attitude and view on life. It will make you more aware of what you consume, what you do and how you live. Looking at the bigger picture is always a good thing as it gives you a new perspective. Moreover, each day, you will be contributing to a worthwhile cause and you can do that on a budget. There are many expensive ways to transform your home into an eco-friendlier haven, but there are also many small ways do it without spending too much money.