G Suite for Education and When Do You Need It

G Suite

If you work in school, college, or university, you’ve probably heard about G Suite for Education. This tool helps to organize the educational process and make it more accessible and collaborative. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at G Suite for Education.

What is G Suite for Education?

Google G Suite for Education is a free cloud service for educators. G Suite is more than just a specialized tool for a certain task. This is a robust learning ecosystem that provides many tools for students and educators. Also, there are many functions to oversee and customize for IT admins to make the learning process even better.

Here are some of the tools and functions that G Suite for Education includes:

  • Calendars. With Calendars, you can share events and meetings will all members of your organization (or its part like faculty).
  • Gmail. The email will help everyone to stay in touch.
  • Google Classroom. The Classroom is the service that helps to work together, communicate, and share results. This tool is available on the web or by the Classroom app.
  • Google Docs. Files created with this tool can be shared with other students and staff members for view and edits.
  • Data storage. If your G Suite for Education environment has five or more members, the storage is unlimited. If the number of your users is less than five, you have access to 1TB-storage, which is still a very significant space.
  • Tools for G Suite administrators. Support, eDiscovery tools, and many other tools will help an administrator run G Suite for Education smoothly.

Long story short, G Suite for Education is a great tool for teaching and learning. Now, the actuality of this service grows even stronger. After all, many educational institutions went remote due to the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why new communication and collaboration tools are in high demand.

What Are the Advantages of G Suite for Education?

What are the top advantages of Gsuite for Education that make this service worth using? Here’s the list.

  • Easy collaboration and sharing. Google Docs and Google Drive are perfect for creating, sharing, and checking assignments and giving feedback to students. Google Calendars are great for scheduling various events.
  • Quick start with the cloud technologies. G Suite for education includes all the tools and methodologies needed to get students familiar with cloud computing. G Suite’s intuitive interface helps to get used to this cloud service really fast.
  • Cloud-based data storage and management. G Suite for Education provides easy data access and unlimited (if there are 5 or more users) storage for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.
  • Advanced data protection. G Suite includes data encryption, malware detection, and other security measures that protect your data from exposure or loss.
  • Access to G Suite Marketplace. G Suite Marketplace is a place where you can get hundreds of SaaS apps. These apps include academic resources, tools for teachers and admins, task management tools, and much more.
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements. G Suite is compliant with the industry’s major regulations: the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). Administrators have access to Google Vault that allows setting up archiving and retention for e-discovery and other compliance needs.
  • Free. G Suite for Education is free and includes user accounts.

These are just some of the great features Google offers to its users. No wonder, that G Suite becomes one of the most popular software solutions for educational organizations. To sign up for G Suite for Education, visit Google’s sign-up page.

Case Studies

Who are the G Suite for Education users, and what benefits do they get from this service? Let’s find out.

North Carolina State University

Many organizations around the world use G Suite for Education. Let’s take a look at the case of North Carolina State University. The old software this university used was unfit for students’ and staff members’ needs. The storage space was too low, and scheduling events wasn’t user friendly.

G Suite for Education has become a solution. Moving from on-premise systems to the Google cloud helped the University to get improved email storage and the easy-to-use Calendar. Now, G Suite for Education helps to manage 180,000 accounts, including accounts of the University’s graduates.

Chicago Public Schools

The next case study is related to the Chicago Public Schools. With more than 25,000 teachers and more than 350,000 students, CPS is the third-largest school district in the US. This school group needed to prepare for the mass roll-out of Chromebooks for students. Effective device management was one of the key issues.

G Suite for Education has helped CPS to create an open, collaborative environment, where students have more opportunities to explore new technologies. G Suite Admin console made device management more organized, which is essential for changes that involve thousands of students and teachers.

G Suite for Education Security Threats and How to Protect Against Them

G Suite is a safe cloud environment, yet sometimes its users experience security issues, including data loss and malware attacks. Why? Perhaps, the most common reason behind security incidents in G Suite is human error.

Users may click links in phishing emails, accidentally delete or overwrite important files, and perform other actions leading to data loss and other incidents. Making mistakes is natural, especially for a student trying to understand new software. The potential mistakes should be taken into account and addressed.

What is the best way to reduce the negative impact of human error? The answer is a cloud-to-cloud backup. This means you have a secure copy of your G Suite data. Restoring data from a backup ensures that you’ll get it back. By combining G Suite for Education with cloud backup tools, schools and other education providers will be able to get an additional layer of security.

Spin Technology is one of the cloud services that offer G Suite for Education backup. With this automated backup tool, you’ll be able to retrieve emails, photos, and Google Drive files in case the original versions are lost or damaged.