Fun Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday Indoors

Birthdays are special events that have always been about organizing parties gathering family and friends all together. Party celebrations have been centered around fun outdoor activities or going for date celebrations. Our loved ones even organize surprise events to celebrate the new milestone.

However, 2020 has brought an unexpected turnover for birthday celebrations. The pandemic has limited get-together party celebrations. With the social distancing rules and people having to self-isolate at their homes, it does not mean birthday celebrations are canceled. Here are fun ideas to celebrate your birthday indoors amid these difficult times.Even if activities are held indoors or online, you can still send birthday gifts by buying them online and shipping directly to the recipient.


Host a Virtual Birthday Party

A virtual celebration is probably not the way you had envisioned to celebrate your birthday.  Nevertheless, virtual parties are a fun way to celebrate with your friends and family. There are so many video-calling online platforms for your web event.

Host a Zoom party, invite your friends to join, and even organize drinks for the event. It will be fun as though you had them come over in real life. Another way to celebrate could be having a Netflix party where you get to watch Netflix shows and films with your friends and engage in the chatroom. Don’t forget to prepare a birthday gift list as well! There are sites that can help you if you are thinking of what do I want for my birthday?


Indulge in Self Care

A spa themed party is the ultimate indoor unforgettable celebration for your birthday. Self-care will add a flair to your special day, especially if you enjoy relaxing. Spend the night pampering yourself and also include people within your household in the activity.

Create a spa-like environment and even light up scented candles to make it more fun. Do face masks, hair masks, manicures, and pedicures.


Virtual Video Gaming

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Your birthday is not going to be boring, even if you are not going to have your friends around physically. Schedule to play your favorite game with your friends at the same time.

If you want to make the party a little extra, grab your favorite drinks, and enjoy the virtual world. Video gaming with loved ones is a perfect idea for both kids and adults who love gaming.


Attend an Online Concert

People fancy attending live concert events with loved ones for their birthday celebration.  The idea is still possible.  With COVID-19 restrictions, recording artists are performing Livestream events on social media.

Dress up like you would in a typical event, have a nice dinner, and enjoy your favorite drink as you stream the concert.


Have a Fancy Dinner at Home

You can choose to order your dinner from your favorite restaurants. Or decide to prepare a recipe at home. Give your cooking skills a try and enjoy the process. Put out the best napkins and dishes, add dinner candles to flair the dinner.


Play Indoor Games

Indoor games with members of your household will lighten up your birthday. There are so many games that both adults can enjoy at a party. Engaging in an activity removes boredom and makes you more active. Again, games are fun; for instance, the treasure hunt game where you have to get clues to find presents.



You do not have to postpone your birthday celebration because of the pandemic. Explore the above fun ideas and make the day memorable for the rest of your life. Indoor celebrations are as much fun and enjoyable as any other outdoor activity.