Friendspire: How Getting Recommendations from Friends is starting the Next Revolution


Introduction to Friendspire

Most people are willing to put their faith and trust in their friends, not a third-party. Recent studies have confirmed that public trust is waning, especially when it comes to the people you rely on for recommendations.

That is why Friendspire is gaining momentum when it comes to recommendations. Possible recommendations can include podcasts, movies, tv shows, restaurants, and bars. Now, that is not all, but those are some of the more popular selections people can leave reviews and recommendations for on the app site.

How does this app differ from other review options?

The main difference is that the recommendations from friends do come from friends. That makes a big difference. Most people are more willing to take a recommendation from their friends than they are a total stranger.

Most of the online reviews and recommendations concerning bars, restaurants, movie nights, tv shows, and podcasts tend to be a bit more skewed in favor of the manufacturer.

That means is that some reviews only are left through an incentive (called a plug). How can someone trust a review that is only left for a plug? That is why Friendspire was created.

How Does It Work?

Say, for example, that Mark watches a movie or TV show. He likes it and wants to let his friends know. He leaves an honest review with his thoughts and feelings. Mark knows the people in his life are going to read it.

Now, if that goes well, he can leave a review for other things. Such reviews can be for books and movie nights. Mark loves horror movies. He watches, “Don’t Hang Up”. He loves it. Mark cannot wait to tell his inner circle about it.

He goes online and tells his circle.

Now, keep in mind that his inner circle list has to be updated and listed on the site for this to work. That means he cannot let Gwen know about this movie unless she is listed on the site as part of his contact list.

Gwen reads the review about his movie night and considers adding it to her list on the app.

Mark can also do with the books he reads or anything else he chooses.

The Benefits of Using This App

1) Once again, this app considers the people Mark knows. Mark has a list of acquaintances that differs from those he considers closest to him. He can make two lists and made separate reviews for each list.

That way his acquaintances can get recommendations based on how close they are to Mark. Those who are closest to him will probably get a more intimate review and recommendation. That is the beauty of this app. It works for the user and the people they know.

2) There is a trust level with this app that users will not get anywhere else. Mark is not going to recommend something that Dot will not watch. Other platforms kind of work in a more generalized fashion.

That means that Steve is only going to get the most out of a review that centers around his likes and dislikes. This app cuts out the middleman. The app only centers around what someone will like and might watch or listen to. The same thing applies when Mark goes out to eat.

Mark goes out to a new restaurant in Miami. He loves it and wants his friend Brad to know about it. He leaves a review online for Brad to read. The app will let Mark notify Brad specifically if he chooses. The app can also let Mark leave the review for everyone on the list (as a more generalized itemization).

3) What happens to those who do not have enough people in their lives to leave a recommendation? The app team has got everything covered. Steven can leave a review for something like a book or something else, and the team will leave it on a “best of” list.

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That is the brilliance of the app. It works with everyone (no matter how large or small their inner circle is).