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Cunningham vs Mir Live
Cunningham vs Mir Live

Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir weighed-in for their six-round heavyweight clash yesterday and, as expected, former cruiserweight champ Cunningham will be giving away a whole lot of weight in tonight’s fight on FITE TV. Former two-time UFC heavyweight champ Mir, looking solid, tipped-in at a huge 276 pounds. Cunningham, looking ripped and ready, came in at 206 pounds. The two men have respect for one another and there was no silly pushing and shoving during the face-off.

Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir

April 17 2021 heavyweight


Tonight’s fight has captured a good deal of attention and it really will be interesting to see if Mir, who will be having his pro boxing debut, will be too big and too strong for Cunningham. Both men are at the veteran stage now, Mir being 41, Cunningham 44. Still, it’s clear from the physical appearance of the two fighters that they are not here just for a payday. Both men have clearly put the work in in the gym.

Cunningham will no doubt be looking to use his speed and his all-round boxing ability. Mir might try his best to turn the fight into a slugfest, rough and tumble type affair. This really seems to be Mir’s best chance. Mir has to be congratulated for taking on as formidable an opponent as Steve Cunningham, 29-9-1(13) in his very first boxing match; even a 44 year old version of Cunningham.

Cunningham has said he will win tonight and that he is open to the idea of taking on more MMA fighters in the future should they wish to follow Mir. Mir has not said what his plans are, other than to get the win tonight. It’s a fascinating fight in some ways, even though plenty of fight fans have grown weary of “Boxing Vs. MMA” matches.

Cunningham, who has been sopped only by heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, says he is representing boxing’s honor tonight. Will the former champ get the win, or will that 70 pound weight disadvantage prove to be too much for him?

Pick: Cunningham overcomes some rough patches early on, winning a decision in an entertaining and enjoyable fight.