Four Mistakes to Avoid When Having an Outdoor Party

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You can always celebrate at home and enjoy the nice weather by hosting a party outdoors. In fact, you can hold any party of your choice; however, it is prudent to be prepared with everything so that all goes well as planned.

When you have decided to host an English tea party,  barbeque, pool party or a get-together on the rooftop, avoid the following mistakes-

Not having enough beverages and food-

This is very challenging as you might not know how much food you precisely need. This is why you must have the correct headcount. It is always good for you to have some extra food in stock so that no one leaves the party hungry. It is good for you to have more food in case someone unexpectedly shows up. Like food, you should have enough drinks and beverages at the party. With alcoholic drinks, ensure you serve non-alcoholic drinks and water too.

Seating arrangements-

 You need enough seats for your guests to sit down comfortably. The seating arrangement can be a mixture of patio furniture, table seating and blankets placed on your lawn if the ground is dry. Arrange your furniture in the conversational style of seating so that groups of people can sit around each other and talk with one another comfortably. You do not need to worry if everything does not match. Your guests are here to socialise and not to judge you.

Not asking others to bring food-

Rather than give your guests all the food for the party, you can ask them to bring one dish of their choice to share with the others. For example, you can provide the meat for the barbeque and drinks for the party while the others can arrange for the rest. Make sure your barbeque grill is cleaned after use, and always use good quality BBQ covers available in the market to protect it when not in use. Your guests will rarely object to bring a dish to share when invited to your party.

Not planning sufficient activities-

Your idea of a house party revolving around food and conversation is a food idea. However, you do not want the party to fall flat after some time. Plan out some ice breakers activities to help guests interact with one another and not feel bored. Not all your guests know each other, so planning out the right activities will help get them talking. Some great ideas are board games, conversation starter cards etc. The use of name tags on guests also helps in breaking the ice smoothly.

Last but not least, respect the presence of your neighbours. Make sure the music is not too loud to disturb them. Even they deserve respect. You can inform them you are having guests over for your party. Ascertain the size of the guest list and check how much parking space you have. Some neighbours are generous enough to lend you their parking space for the party if you are good with them and respect their feelings.