Five unique Moscow experiences

What are the top places to see in Moscow? Most guidebooks would mention such city highlights as Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, or the Tretyakov Gallery. We’ve come up with a list of unique experiences that will make your trip more emotional and memorable.

How much time do you need to explore the Russian capital? You can stay in Moscow for over a week and only discover a small portion of what the city can offer. Yet we think that a  Moscow 3-day tour might be a perfect way to get a glimpse of this beautiful city.

Listen to a church choir in St Basil’s cathedral.

 You can’t miss the cathedral itself as it is the most fantastic church in the country. Yet many people only take photos of the cathedral from outside.

While visiting the church museum, you will be lucky to experience breathtaking church music in one of the cathedral’s chapels. A small male choir is performing traditional religious songs. You’ll be amazed by the church acoustics and the beauty of their voices.

By the way, photography is permitted inside, while cathedrals of the Kremlin don’t allow it.

Address: Red Square, Moscow

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Moscow from the top of Ostankino TV tower.

The tower top is the highest spot to look at Moscow from above. Ostankino TV tower was unveiled in 1967 to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. Its height is 540 meters. At that time, it was the tallest free-standing structure in the world.

 With its large arches on the base and porthole windows, the graceful tower resembles an immense spaceship at the start.

The tower offers three observation decks: 85 meters, 340 meters, and 337 meters. The second one is the highest point accessible to tourists. But since it is an outdoor one the access to it is possible from May to October. The most popular and most visited is the indoor observation deck at an altitude of 337 meters. Here you can walk on the glass floor, take incredible selfies against Moscow’s background, visit the multimedia complex, and dine at the Seventh Heaven restaurant.

Addreess: Akademika Koroleva St, 15

Experience Russian steam bath

Russian banya is one of the unique and ancient traditions which is still popular among the locals. The most historic and stunning place to try Russian banya is the Sandunovsky bathhouse.

A visit to Sandnduny Bath House might appear the most memorable experience of your Moscow trip.

 They have separate male and female sections and also private rooms. It’s good to know, though, that pictures you usually see on Instagram are from men’s top-class public paths. Women’s top-class looks more modest.

Address: Neglinnaya St., 14 building 3-7

Explore Moscow’s secret underground world

Have you ever heard of Moscow secret metro? How many bunkers and secret passages are hidden underground? They say that underground Moscow is like a whole city, and diggers count 12 levels in it. Yet, a larger part of underground Moscow is hidden from our eyes.

Today Moscow has three bunkers that are open for visitors. The oldest one is the bunker of Stalin in Izmailovo. Yet, it is not as deep as the two others built during the Cold War. Bunker 42 is the most popular one; you can easily join one of the group tours in English. The last one is bunker 703, which was used as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs secret archives. It was declassified recently and looks more authentic compared to two others.

Izmailovo bunker address: Sovetskaya St 80/1

Bunker 42 address: 5-Y Kotelnicheskiy Lane, 11

Bunker 703 address: 2-Y Novokuznetskiy Lane, 14/1

Try delicious food in Depo Moscow.

Depo Moscow is an excellent place for gastro lovers with various cuisine from all over the world. It is the largest food mall in Europe. An old tram depot in the center of Moscow has recently become the city’s latest foodie haven. 

It houses 75 restaurants and 60 farmer’s stalls, offers various food masterclasses and shows. If you come on a weekend, you may also listen to live music.

Address:  Lesnaya St., 20/3