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iCrowdkorean proudly announces the introduction of their website which publishes hundreds of international press releases translated into the Korean language targeting all Korean speaking people around the world.

As a journalist, when it comes to international news, one of the biggest hindrances is the language barrier. More often than not when creating new stories, Korean media personalities can find it difficult to go through press releases written in any other language. Keeping this fact in view, visit right now and find the latest press releases from different countries translated into Korean. Start reading the Korean press releases immediately and find fragments of information required to generate viral news.

The purpose of developing this website is to facilitate the Korean community present around the world by providing a platform which serves as an umbrella news source, i.e. the place where all kinds of information, national or international, can be found in just a few clicks. The website is readily accessible, professional designed, with smooth functionalities, and with fast loading time. It is constantly updated with fresh content, adding further value to the website. With all these qualities, navigation across this website becomes like a piece of cake and even the most technology shy journalists can easily take out the excerpts of information which they require for personal use.

Some journalists are not interested in reading different press releases to find a topic for the news story they want to create. Others just do not have the time. iCrowdkorea understands this limitation and has come up with another solution. Press releases are transformed into audios and are posted on multiple audio channels such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and many more. Press releases can be listened to anywhere and at any time without any interference which can save a lot of time and requires minimum effort. Skim through different press releases on the go by listening to Korean translated press releases anywhere and at any time which suits you best.

Apart from publishing and providing news from all around the world, iCrowdkorea also offers marketing services for Korean press releases. Latest technology trends, offered by social media platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook, are utilized to create online advertisements for the press releases. Using pinpoint targeting techniques, Korean cities are targeted so the press release can reach the most relevant audience and increase sales rapidly. Digital experts available at iCrowdkorea come up with an advertising strategy that makes a press release excel in their respective industries.

About iCrowdkorea

If you are looking for a press release distribution organization which targets the Korea platform, the iCrowdkorea is the one for you. By utilizing artificial communications strategies, iCrowdkorea offers the greatest targeting mechanisms to maximize the press release reach to relevant audiences in the Korean community. There are multiple packages available for an organization to explore and pick from which suits them the best. They provide top quality work at the most reasonable pricings.