Facts about Electric Pressure Washer in Kenya

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have become common over the years in Kenya particularly the electric pressure washer. It is because power from electricity is widespread all over the country. Also, the need for it has increased with more people buying cars, building lavish homes, and making concrete backyards and pathways; all which demand a faster and sure way of cleaning. 

As the demand for this cleaning machine rise, people need to be aware of the facts that revolve around it. Below are those facts.


Most of electric pressure washers have wheels which make them movable by anyone, and at any place.

Effective cleaner

If you have any dirty place, sticky and too dusty, an electric pressure washer is the machine for you. It can clean any form of dirt. 


Pressure washer price in Kenya can be affordable but not cheap. These pressure washer is cheap because its start price is too low for a machine of its caliber.

Fast cleaner

You can clean numerous vehicles in a matter of hours. A task which could have taken days to complete.


Rather than employing a house help, or many car washers, you can do the cleaning yourself, or employ very few workers.

Quality issues

It is hard to tell which washer will last long and which won’t. You may buy one at the lowest price and it stay longer than one of average price, or vice versa. There are no quality guarantees based on price or on anything else. You buy and hope for the best.

Low maintenance

Once you buy, you need only to connect to a powered socket. No gas, diesel and oiling required. Parts replacements are also very minimal.

Cable length

Though an electric washers’ cable look lengthy, it may be limiting to reach your cleaning area. For example, let’s say you want to clean the pool area, and there is no near socket, you will be forced to use other means to clean the place. An extension power cord is highly discouraged.

Electricity bill

Like most electric machines, when using an electric pressure washer in Kenya, you need to take care of your bills

Can be overbearing

Its strength can be overbearing for some surfaces like that of vehicles, and bikes. After using an electric pressure washer, you may see spots of corroded paint on vehicles and tires on bokes may be punctured.

Has alternatives

An electric pressure washer is not the only machine of its kind. We have diesel, and gas pressure washers that perform tasks same as the electric. An advantage because you are not stack on one machine, and a disadvantage because you don’t have to buy the electric washer.

No matter how you take care of your machine, there’s always the risk of a black out or power shot which may burn some of the power wires inside the machine. In other cases, the machine simply stops working out of nowhere. To avoid this problem, its better to invest in AVS30 to control power surges.

In conclusion, now that you have all the facts about an electric pressure washer, it is up to you to gauge yourself and see whether it is worth owning.  My honest opion: its worth owning a pressure washer.