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Get the best press release distribution services at iCrowdNewswire and get your press release published on hundreds of different platforms in just a few clicks.

Are you looking for a press release distribution channel which not only provides the competitive distribution services but also has hundreds of press releases posted on their webpage? Then visit www.icrowdnewswire.com right now and get started with the news immediately. There are different sections available and any stakeholder visiting the website can easily identify that they are looking for. The color scheme used on the website gives off a very professional and smooth look. It increases the intrigue of the stakeholder. At the same time, the navigation is very easy to perform which makes the finding of information very simple.

One of the most distinguishing features of iCrowdNewswire platform is that it is powered by Google. Artificial intelligence marketing communication tools are utilized in order to capture the attention of the potential stakeholders of a press release. There are a wide range of products that are offered by iCrowdNewswire. To further facilitate clients, iCrowdNewswire has divided its product into different sections. These sections define the kind of industry their press release will be published in. It sets a target market for the press release making it simple for the client to choose the designated market. A brief description of them is as follows:

  • 1) Release Live- The purpose of this product is to distribute client press releases on an international scale. Through Release Live, an organization can broaden their press release exposure horizon.
  • 2) iCrowdMarketing- A client who is interested in posting and distributing an article on an international platform can utilize these services. They are permanent posts.
  • 3) iCrowdResearch- CrowdResearch is the upcoming leader in research reports distribution network. The research reports are distributed on hundreds of relevant News and Media websites.
  • 4) Legal Newswire- The purpose of this product is to distribute press releases which target the legal industry. It is powered by Law.com. Through this product, a press release is published on 18 different legal platforms.
  • 5) Class Action Marketing- It is one of a unique platform which provides law firms the opportunity to make plaintiff groups for class action lawsuits. The purpose of this service is to attract plaintiffs to law firms to sign up pages.
  • 6) Wire.RealEstate- The purpose is to target the real estate industry. The press releases meant for the real estate industry are distributed to them through media and news websites.

About iCrowdNewswire
Launched in 2015 iCrowdNewswire powered by Google has implemented more press release distribution innovations than any other newswire in the industry from paid social and digital media advertising to audio marketing and 8 translations per release – no other wire provides geographic targeting down to a zip or postal codes worldwide; demographic targeting by age group, industry and interest; 8 translations with every release for unmatched multicultural and global reach; audio distribution with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Sire; Google and Apple’s mews and more